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Ebersole Cattle Company

Grassfed Beef, Pork and Lamb from southeast Iowa

Shipping anywhere in the US from our family farm!

We are a family operated ranch located outside of Kellerton, Iowa. Beau’s family raised Maine’s since the 1970s, and he and Shanen started their operation in 1998 with the purchase of ten cows. What started then has grown into a family affair, and Adelyda, Jolene and Wyatt have grown up in the beef industry.

We have around 150 head of cattle consisting of Fullbloods, percentage Maine-Anjou, and Maine-Angus, as well as registered Angus cows. Aside from the horses we use for work, Jolene shows working cow horses. We run 500 head of custom cows, both commercial and embryo, as well as provide custom fitting services which include everything from shows to sales.

In addition, we also sell Pasture-Raised and Grass Fed Beef. All of our calves are born on our farm and raised with the highest quality care. Our 100% Grass Fed Beef is raised on pasture their entire lives. They are born in the fall, so they spend their first winter on the cow and are harvested before their second winter. Our Pasture-Raised Beef are our spring born calves, and are weaned before their first winter, requiring them to have supplemental grain throughout that winter.

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