Free shipping on orders over $150 from the same vendor!

Free shipping on orders over $150 from the same vendor!

About Us

We are a small family farm located on 18 acres in Saint Charles, Iowa. We love raising homegrown, purebred pigs. We pride ourselves in producing our stock humanely & focus to make sure that each pig is living their best life here on Kaysen Family Farms. 

Our Pork to Your Fork

At Kaysen Family Farms we use only the highest quality genetics available to produce our Pork. We strive to instill confidence in customers by raising our pigs humanely. We place focus on each pig living their best life on our farm every day. We desire to educate others of what we do on our farm and within the Pork Industry that allows consumers to enjoy Our Pork to Your Fork! 


Our Products

We would love the opportunity to provide our pork for you and your family. Please know you are choosing to support a local family that has worked hard, done things the right way, for you to consume with confidence.