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Beef Summer Sausage

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Summer Sausage
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Why Angus Beef?

Over the years, Angus beef has adapted genetics to provide a quality product for consumers. Known for its spectacular marbling, the meat from Angus beef has endless flavor. The marbling helps keep meat tender though the cooking process, allowing for a more delectable taste, while providing delicious flavor throughout – ensuring a great taste in EACH bite. 

The Angus breed, paired with proper nutrition, allows for the perfect amount of fat and flavor in each bite. Our cattle are also raised to a certain maturity, ensuring time devoted to their growing of flavor that Angus beef is known for.

Angus cattle are also known for their calving ease and milking abilities. This means, the (mother) cows can give birth unassisted and easily, more often than not. The (mother) cows also produce quality milk to raise a great-quality calf, with no supplementation needed aside from green grass, growing into adolescence. These Angus animals are naturally able to provide a flavorful, tender cut of meat.

With a plant-based, natural diet, our Angus beef cattle are fed to their needs and allowed to produce this high-quality beef to the best of their ability.

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