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Fresh (Never Frozen) Shrimp Coming Soon!

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Please note: Shrimp cannot be shipped at this time. You will need to pick-up your shrimp on harvest day in Story City, Iowa.


Located in Story City, Iowa, Midland Co. is a land-based seafood company dedicated to raising sustainable, ethical, and delicious seafood. Using innovative Algae-Based™ RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) technology, Midland Co. strives to be stewards of the environment. Our shrimp are responsibly raised and are free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. We are dedicated to quality; our products go from tank-to-table within 24 hours.


Litopenaeus vannamei


Pacific white shrimp is a warm water species originating from the waters of Sonora, Mexico to northern Peru. Pacific whites have a robust flavor profile with a lobster-like richness – sweet but earthy, tender yet firm. Being fresh (and yes, we mean never frozen), the shrimp’s pure flavors are expressed. When it comes to buying fresh shrimp, lucky locals living near the Gulf and Southern Atlantic coast might find some but 99.9% is frozen and shipped around the country. That is until now- Iowan’s too can experience the transformative flavor of fresh shrimp.

Fresh Pacific white shrimp’s versatile flavor can work in a variety of dishes and cooking. Our shrimp our head-on with shells, but trust us, it is worth getting a little bit outside of your comfort zone for the maximum flavor that comes with cooking them whole. For appreciating the rich and subtle flavors, a quick pan sauté will do the trick with a drizzle of a grassy extra virgin olive oil, a tight squeeze of lemon, and a dash of freshly cracked peppercorns. A company favorite is a classic hearty shrimp boil with corn and potatoes. However you decide to get your shrimp on, you can have trust that Midland Shrimp the best shrimp to buy for sustainability and flavor.


Sourcing sustainable seafood is complicated. The wild-caught seafood industry is unable to meet growing seafood demand while protecting ocean habitats that are finite and fragile. Farmed fish, or aquaculture, is accepted industry-wide as the answer to wild-caught fishing concerns but has faced its own challenges. Most farmed shrimp are raised in countries with minimal government oversight presenting some major handling and safety concerns as well as environmental sustainability issues. Domestic, land-based systems address all these concerns but only account for less than 1% of the shrimp we buy, and international production is predicted to continue to dominate the market. Midland Co. is dedicated to changing this narrative and to be the future of seafood production in America.

Midland’s technology simplifies RAS systems with a new, innovative technology– algae-based wastewater treatment. These impressive microorganisms capture nutrients and carbon from the air, leaving the water purified and oxygenated in a single one-step wastewater treatment system. The nutrient-dense algae are then recovered to be used as a new regenerative fertilizer for Iowa’s agricultural land. This zero-discharge technology makes it one of the most sustainable forms of aquaculture today.

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