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Free shipping on orders over $49 in your region!

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nate's natural beef farm

Grassfed Beef and Organic, Pastured Chicken

Plain City, Ohio

Available for Local Pick-Up or Shipping in Ohio

At Nate's Naturals, we strive to produce the most nutritious products in a way that's as close to nature as possible. We believe food that has abundant vitamins and minerals is the best medicine and fuel for our bodies. We've implemented Regenerative Farming practices on our farm with the goal of producing the most nutritious products to feed our family and yours!

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Nate's Naturals At a Glance


  • Grassfed/Grass Finished Beef
  • Organic, Pasture Raised Chicken


  • Shipping available in Ohio
    • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Pick-Up Options
    • 20% discount for pick-up at the farm
    • Pick-up available Monday - Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm
    • Please allow 3 days for us to prepare your order.