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1/4 Freezer Beef

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Buying direct from the farm is easier than you think! Here are a few things that can help you understand how the process works. We have the locker appointments already secured for the upcoming year; you just tell us what month you would like your beef. We can reserve ¼, ½, or whole shares of beef. Reserving is easy, all we need is your deposit, email and phone number. Once the beef has been delivered to the locker you are emailed an invoice from the farm for your portion of the beef. You will then make payment directly to Coon River Farms, Inc. for the beef.

We butcher at both Tiefenthaler’s Quality Meats in Holstein and Ruthven Meat Processing in Ruthven. Both are state inspected lockers and do an outstanding job with processing and customer service. Your meat will be processed according to your needs. You choose how big you want your roasts. Do you want 1lb. or 2lb. ground beef packages? Do you want steaks wrapped two per pack and cut one inch thick? The lockers are very good about answering any questions and walking you through your cut order. You will pay processing directly to the locker when you pick up your beef.

The following is a breakdown of pricing for beef and processing. Please remember these are estimates. The weight and yield can vary slightly. These estimates are based on a 1500 lb. beef (average weight) and a standard butcher (roasts, steaks, ground beef….further processing such as beef sticks, hamburger patties, brats, etc. will increase processing costs.)

¼ Beef

This will yield about 150 lbs. of meat in your freezer.

½ Beef

This will yield about 300 lbs. of meat in your freezer.

Whole Beef

This will yield about 600lbs. of meat in your freezer.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my beef? Coon River Farms, Inc. accepts cash, check, or Venmo for payment. The lockers take cash, check, and credit card for payment.

How long will I have to wait to get my beef? Standard aging for your beef is 10-14 days. This is how long your meat hangs at the locker prior to them packaging it. The purpose of this time is to “age” the meat, which allows enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in optimum flavor and texture.  So, plan on picking your meat up from the locker about two weeks after the butcher date.

Why is buying off the farm better than the grocery store? There are many answers to this question!

  • The value….this is the most economical way to purchase meat. Where else can you get superior ribeyes and sirloin steaks at hamburger price??
  • Quality and consistency….we ultrasound our cattle prior to harvest for carcass quality so you are sure to get a mid-high choice carcass every time you buy from us!
  • You're supporting local farmers and local lockers...YOUR COMMUNITY!!
  • Convenience... One trip to the locker gets you beef for many months or maybe even the entire year!
  • You are guaranteed to be purchasing USA beef and much of the time, it is beef from our home raised calves. Bred, born, and harvested right here in NW Iowa!!

In 2020, more than 2.9 BILLION pounds of beef was imported into the U.S. from 21 different countries. Most of which was labeled “product of the U.S.A.” How is this you ask? The beef is imported into the U.S. and then inspected by the USDA. If it passes inspection it is labeled “product of the U.S.A.”

How are your cattle cared for? Our cattle are kept comfortable with fresh bedding, a grain-hay diet, and access to a barn as well as open outdoor space. We grow nearly all the feed sources on our farm where sustainability and conservation are at the forefront of our operation.

If I want to purchase a ¼ share, which ¼ do I get? If you are purchasing a ¼ or ½ share you will get a ¼ or ½ of the entire beef. You are NOT limited to only the cuts that are derived from the front quarter or hind quarter. Even when purchasing a ¼ you are still able to get all the cuts that come from a whole beef...just in smaller quantities.

I want to buy directly off the farm, but a quarter is too much meat for me. Like the idea of the value but don’t have the freezer space? While the lockers do not process in smaller shares than a quarter, you could certainly split the cost and meat with a friend or family member! We also offer buying individual cuts and meat bundles! Call for availability and pricing.

Do you have references available? Yes!! We understand that buying in shares is a big investment! Just ask, we have many references available of customers that would be more than happy to communicate their experience in buying this way! AND….Did you know our farm provided the burger that won the 2017 Iowa’s Best Burger Award!

Please feel free to call, text, or email any questions you may have or to reserve a share of our delicious Coon River Farms beef.


Seth and Etta Smith


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