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Mary Lynne & David Ohnemus                       ​

The love of family and the love of cattle draws us to raise beef. At Ohnemusbeef, we raise all-natural beef, with unlimited hay and a corn and gluten ration. It takes a bit longer to feed until they are finished, but the result is delicious and nutritious. We like a leaner beef, again providing large amounts of beneficial nutrients to the average diet, particularly protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

We have been selling quality home-raised beef for over 20 years and know that our beef responds well to a stress-free environment, resulting in better taste and texture. We are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) certified, which assures the safe and ethical handling of beef through the rigors of moving, feeding, transporting, and medical practices. Our cattle are raised in wide-open spaces.

We welcome customers for a farm visit. (Petting your beef, feeding a bottle calf, or joining us for a hay-ride are not uncommon activities for our customers.) You can find us near Liberty Center, 40 minutes south of Des Moines. Our quality beef is sold whole, or by half and quarter. We have USDA inspected beef available at the farm to “bundle” or sample, with delivery, pickup, and shipping options for your convenience. Our beef is processed locally, aged, and packaged to your specifications.




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