Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

Custom Butchered Organic Pig | Half | $2.50/lb Hanging Weight

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Hello, My name is Tom Andresen and I am a fourth generation farmer on a century farm. I have been raising organic crops for 20 years. We use only our own organic crops in pork production. Nothing is out-sourced except a mineral premix which is organically certified.

We control everything from breeding to finishing of the pigs. Sows farrow in pens with 75 square feet of space with rub bars on all sides to prevent crushing. We prefer to farrow inside to prevent hypothermia and exposure to parasites with outdoor farrowing. The pigs are fed around six months to 280 pounds before harvest and usually yield around 200 lbs.

Our pigs always have a great deal of space to be active in, lots of bedding to play in, and fresh clean air. This pork is an excellent source of protein, a real center of the plate masterpiece for customers and contribute to the sustainability of the farm.


How Custom Butchering Works

The price is based off the weight of the pig after slaughter (but before processing.) This is called the "hanging weight." This hog is $2.50 per pound of hanging weight (approximately $350 total plus processing.)

Place your non-refundable $100 deposit now to reserve your half of the pig. When we know the hanging weight, you will receive instructions to pay for the remainder of the animal.

At that time, you can contact the locker to place your cutting order and choose which cuts of pork you'd like. These pigs can be processed in Holstein or Orange City. You will pay the locker directly for the processing.

When processing is complete, you'll be able to pick up your pork from the locker.

Please contact ChopLocal at 833-246-7525 if you have any questions.



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