Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

Join the ChopLocal team!

Are you a farmer who wants to shorten the supply chain and sell direct to consumers?

Or maybe you're a butcher who wants to offer online ordering, pick-up and/or delivery to your customers?

Then you're in the right place!

The ChopLocal marketplace is the only place online where meateaters can find all of the local meats they want, on one convenient website.

ChopLocal vendors are our partners. We are a commission based marketplace, so we are not successful unless you are!

ChopLocal Partner Benefits

Web Development:

Forget about starting a website from scratch! Take advantage of ChopLocal's partner "microstores" to tell the story of your farm or small business, list your products and increase your sales!

Multiple Order Fulfillment Options:

The ChopLocal team can help you set up pick-up times/dates/locations, delivery options, or shipping.

Pick-up - 

Whether you offer pick-up at limited times/locations (such as a weekly farmer's market or "meat up") or you have a storefront that is open several days a week, we can build that into your microstore.

Shipping - 

Shipping frozen meat is one of the most intimidating parts of the e-commerce process for our partners, but we can make it easier. The ChopLocal team can help you:

  • simplify the order fulfillment process
  • create shipping labels
  • procure inexpensive, effective insulation and cooling materials
  • receive incredible shipping discounts as a member of the ChopLocal team

Record Keeping:

Inventory management, order processing, payment information and more are all built into the ChopLocal system.


Don't worry about driving traffic to your own website. ChopLocal's experienced marketing team is planning influencer campaigns and digital marketing to increase your sales and success.

Interested in learning more? Contact ChopLocal here or apply to become a vendor here.