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Flank Steak

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Versatile cut of meat! Great for grilling, sauteeing, or roasting.

Deering Beef is a family-owned farm located in beautiful northeast Iowa. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product from pasture to plate that we are not afraid to put our name on! We focus on all the details, from the corn going into the feed to the breeding selection, to ensure a high-quality, tasty product for you.   Family Farm Northeast Iowa   

Deering Beef was started with a passion for the agriculture industry and a hope of bringing quality beef directly to the consumer. We are thankful that we have always been able to enjoy the best tasting, quality beef and wanted to provide the same opportunity to others. When you support a local, family-owned farm like Deering Beef, you are supporting a hard-working, dedicated family and their future. 

The love for beef runs deep in our families. Cattle have been around our farms as long as anyone can remember. From birth to market, we love seeing the product of our hard work and passion come to light. We believe in caring for the environment and leaving the land better than we found it, by challenging the status quo of traditional farming practices.  We utilize cattle and grazing methods to aid in this, and appreciate that cattle and regenerative agriculture work hand-in-hand.  By challenging traditional farming practices, we believe we are creating healthier soils and stronger rural communities for years to come. 

Thank you for checking out our meat and supporting our family!

Aarik, Haley and Baylor Deering

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