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Free shipping on orders over $79 to IA, IL, MN, MO, KS, CO, WI, MI, IN, & NE!

Half of Hog Deposit

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This is a great way to feed your family and feel confident you have some Pork to spare. A Half of Hog will easily feed a family of 4 for approximately 6 months. Price is based on the weight of the hog prior to processing (live weight). For example, a hog weighed at 275 lbs. prior to processing, half of that weight would be 137.5 lbs. So, 137.50 @ $3.50 would total $481.25.

Place your $100 deposit now and we will notify you when we have the final weight and cost. At that time, you can pay the remaining balance.

This price includes:

  • Custom Cutting Order to meet the specifics to your cooking needs
  • Cost of processing
  • Pick up from the processor
  • Delivery directly to you when complete


Fulfillment Options:
  • Local Pick-Up
  • Ships Nationwide

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