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Mangalitsa Bratwursts - Cheddar Cheese with Blue Ribbon Original

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1 lbs. packages, 4 brats per package depending on flavor, but all packages are 1 lbs. in total weight. All Brats are 100% Mangalitsa pork.

Quick brat grilling tips:
Nothing is more familiar on Super Bowl Sunday than brats simmering in beer before being seared over hot coals. Here we’ll cover proper grilling for these fresh, raw bratwursts that are a hit at every cookout. The process is easy, and only takes five simple steps.

Light your coals and pile them all onto one side of your grill, leaving the other side empty. You’ll need both sides of the grill and both levels of heat to properly cook your brats.

Place your bratwursts in a full pan of beer on the grill. Any beer will do, but pale lagers work best! Boil in the beer bath for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the brats turn white. If not beer, try apple juice instead.

The casings on a fresh sausage will plump up with delicious juices as the meat inside heats up. Be careful not to pierce or break the skin, as those delicious beer-infused juices will escape. Instead of a fork, use a pair of long-handled tongs to move and rotate your brats throughout the cooking process.

Once your brats are cooked through, you’ll want to sear them directly over the coals to achieve the crispy skin and grill marks we all love. Move the pan over to the cool side and remove the sausages, placing them directly over the coals. Watch your brats closely, and rotate to avoid burning. You will want even grill marks on all sides.

It’s done: 160°F Don't overcook!

As with steak, you should let bratwursts rest for a few minutes before serving. After all, you worked so hard to preserve those juices, it’d be a shame to let them drain onto a cutting board. Brats are great on a bun or served on a platter with sauerkraut or sautéed onions and peppers.

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