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Free shipping on orders over $150 from the same vendor!

Wheat State Wagyu Beef

Rich Flavor. Unmatched Marbling.

Wheat State Wagyu is dedicated to providing the highest quality American Wagyu beef. Raised in Kansas, with generations of quality breeding, our beef is unmatched in richness and flavor. If you’re seeking the best beef on the planet, our Wagyu is the best of the best.

Why Wagyu?

The Wagyu breed began in Japan more than 2,000 years ago. These cattle were bred to labor. The selection process started with drought resistance and labor to pull farm equipment. It wasn’t until 1867 that the cattle began to be used for consumption. When they were, they were found to have incredible marbling  from centuries of being bred to work. They are now renowned around the world for their incredible richness and marbling.

In 1976, four Wagyu bulls were brought to the US from Japan. In 1997 Japan designated Wagyu as a National Treasure and an export ban was put in place. In 2018 there were only around 5,000 full-blood Wagyu in America.

Less than 2% of US beef grades prime. 90% of Wagyu influenced beef in the US will grade prime or above. The coveted A5 grade is reserved mostly for full-blood Wagyu.

Today you are unpacking F1 “American Wagyu” beef raised right here in the Wheat State. This steer was grown in open spaces humanely without the use of any hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. The F1 is the result of a full-blooded Wagyu bull and registered Black Angus cow. This is some of the best beef available in the midwest.