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Queck Family Farms is located in Southern Iowa between Peru and Truro. As a small family farm, we raise cattle, including purebred Wagyu, American Wagyu and crossbred beef; as well as hogs, corn, soybeans and hay. We also have horses, chickens, ducks and peacocks. Steve and Dara have been raising livestock for 40 years and are proud to have their 4 children and 9 grandchildren helping on the family farm. Five generations of the Queck family have provided a strong background in our desire to continue traditional, family farming in Iowa. Our son, Paul and his family live on the original farm purchased in Adair County, west of Orient when his Great- Grandfather came to America from Germany.

We are passionate about raising high quality meat and take pride in meeting the needs of the consumer - ensuring your meals include quality protein. Raising Wagyu beef was a dream of ours. We traveled to several breeders in multiple states to begin our herd several years ago and are now producing quality Wagyu meat. We pride ourselves on breeding our cows to quality bulls and finishing the calves on our own farm. Wagyu beef is high quality with excellent marbling and amazing taste! Compared to other beef, Wagyu contains higher concentrations of monounsaturated fats which are considered "healthy fats" by the American Heart Association. Wagyu is also lower in cholesterol compared to traditional beef. We use local lockers to process our beef.

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Queck Family Farms

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