Free shipping on orders over $49.99 from the same vendor!

Free shipping on orders over $49 from the same vendor!

ChopLocal Farmers and Butchers

You'll never buy meat anywhere else again!

When you buy meat from ChopLocal, the farmer who raised it or the butcher who cut it personally fulfills your order, guaranteeing you the best experience possible.

Our vendors are fully invested - emotionally and financially - in your satisfaction. Their livelihoods depend on it.


Bierman Bacon

Gourmet Flavored Bacon

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

From the cut, to the texture, to the flavor … everything is perfect. You will love Bierman Bacon. Guaranteed or your money back!!

Blair Farm, LLC
4th Generation Century Farm. Diversified crop and livestock farm focusing on conservation and continual improvement. Excited to bring farm fresh beef to consumers.
Bobb Family Farm

Coming Soon!

A flock established on the foundation of quality genetics and fertile Iowa farmland, the sheep of Bobb Family Farm graze lush pastures free from any pesticides or herbicides and are fed non-gmo alfalfa hay throughout the winter that is produced on the very same farm. Five generations of shepherds, the Bobb family is rooted in... More

Brewer Family Farms, LLC

Beef and Pork from our Central Iowa Farm

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Pick-up available on the farm near Dallas Center, Iowa

Brewer Family Farms is a family farm located outside Dallas Center, IA. Brewers have been raising cattle and hogs in Dallas County for five generations. Located in the heart of Iowa; Brewer Family Farms strives to provide wholesome, family raised beef and pork products for our consumers.... More

Clarion Locker

South African Boerewors, Droewors and Biltong

Bacon, Brats, Beef Sticks, Jerky

Pick-Up in store in Clarion, Iowa

We are Manie and Elmarie Nel, owners and operators of the Clarion Locker.

After moving to the United States from South Africa and owning a locker in Ventura, Iowa, we were interested in expanding. When the opportunity for us to re-open the locker in Clarion arose, we did not pass it up.


Coon River Farms, Inc.
We are a multi-generational, highly diversified farm in Northwest Iowa. We produce conventional and organic row crops, small grains, hay, and high quality beef while staying focused on sustainability and conservation.
Ferdsons Family Farms Inc
We are a 5th generation family farm, and an Iowa Century Farm. We raise cattle, and grow corn and soybeans. We also custom feed hogs.
Hillcrest Meats
We farm in Eastern South Dakota. We butcher and process Beef, Turkey, Chickens, but mostly Pork. We make a whole line of produces.
Iowa Rabbit

Premium Meat Rabbit

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Pick-up available in Ames, Iowa

For multiple generations, the owners of Iowa Rabbit have been in the livestock and farming business and serving restaurants, retailers, and home chefs throughout the United States. We offer wholesome and flavorful rabbit meat that is grown in America’s heartland.  While our rabbit is from the heartland, rabbit has a rich heritage of... More

Kaysen Family Farms

Our Pork to Your Fork!

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Pick-up available in St. Charles, Iowa

We are a small family farm that loves pigs and raising high quality livestock. We hand feed each animal twice a day to make sure each animal is getting what they need. We take the time to make sure every... More

Mangalitsa Estates
Coming Soon!
Meat & Merch by ChopLocal

ChopLocal swag and bundle boxes

We ship nationwide. Check products for details.

Pick-up available in Wayland, Iowa.

Check out the accessories and samples from the ChopLocal headquarters!

Midland Co.

Midwest Fresh Shrimp

Pick up in Story City, Iowa on harvest day

Midland Co. is a land-based seafood company dedicated to raising sustainable, ethical, and delicious seafood.
The Story City business uses innovative Algae-Based RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) to raise shrimp in tanks inside the old outlet mall along I-35.
The shrimp are fresh (never frozen) Pacific white shrimp, with robust flavor and lobster-like richness.
Interested in purchasing? Midland has a wait-list for their shrimp. More

Coming Soon!
Old Station Craft Meats

Full service butcher shop - premium beef, pork, chicken, cheese, and more

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Pick-up available in Waukee, Iowa

Old Station Craft Meats began as an idea for two brothers to connect their shared passion for cooking and eating meat with their occupational interests.

One... More

Purple Ribbon Beef

Beef from our north central Iowa farm

Shipping available in Iowa; orders over $49.99 ship for free!

Pick-up available in Clarion, Iowa

Purple Ribbon Beef is a family owned operation located outside of Clarion, Iowa. We pride ourselves on raising premium beef that is corn fed. We pay attention to the little details and it makes the difference.

The Farmers Turkey

Products Offered: Turkey

Shipping Options: We ship nationwide. Orders over $49.99 ship for free in the Midwest.

Pick-Up Options: Pick-up available in Wayland, Iowa.

Our family has been raising turkeys for three generations, and we are proud to provide you with a high quality, nutritious, great-tasting product.




WG Meatbox

Cooked, ready-to-eat pork and beef

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Pick-up available in Ames, Iowa

Welcome to the table! Here at WG MEATBOX, we make dinner easy and delicious. With our no brainer BBQ, just heat and serve! We... More

Wheat State Wagyu

American Wagyu Beef

Ships anywhere in the US; orders over $49.99 in the Midwest ship for free!

Wheat State Wagyu is dedicated to providing the highest quality American Wagyu... More

Yoke S Ranch

Yoke S Ranch is a family-owned Corriente cattle ranch in the rolling hills of southern Iowa. There are three generations of us living on the ranch now. We only raise grass, hay, Corriente cattle and grandkids. All of our cattle are full-blood Corriente cattle.

Our cattle are the first heritage breed of the Americas. They came to North America in 1493 with the Spanish conquistadores. They have remained relatively unchanged since since then with very little genetic modification. All of our beef is certified Corriente beef.

Our beef is grass-fed and free-range. We use no hormones, steroids, or indiscriminate antibiotics. The only time the pasture gate is closed is when we need to catch cattle.