We appreciate your patience as we launch The Carnivore Ranch. We will begin shipping orders on June 3rd.

About the Carnivore Ranch

The Carnivore Ranch is an affiliation of two family farms, Bailey Beef Co. and Profits Creek Pork.

Bailey Beef Co., based in Perry, Missouri, is owned and operated by Austin and Ashley Bailey. Both being raised on their family's own farms, they knew they wanted to raise their family with the same rural lifestyle they grew up with. In 2017, they began building up their own cattle farm to provide nutritious beef for their own families and friends. Since then, they have invested in their herd with the highest quality Missouri Wagyu genetics with intent to provide the most delicious products possible. Wagyu beef is well-known for its extraordinary marbling, tenderness and rich buttery flavor. Austin and Ashley are joined by their three daughters (and marketing specialists), Addison, Ashtyn and Aria.

Profits Creek Pork is located in St. Thomas, Missouri, and owned and operated by Ben and Elise (Bailey) Luebbering. Ben farms alongside his dad and uncle as a third-generation hog farmer striving to produce a nutritious and delicious product. In 2023, they decided it was time to offer the pork products they know and love to their friends and community. From birth to butcher, their hogs are cared for right here in central Missouri on the family farm. Their future farmer, Garth, is almost always one step behind dad tending to pigs and keeping an eye on things. 

Together, The Carnivore Ranch aims to be a one-stop-shop for folks near and far to enjoy delicious, local beef and pork products. Keep up with both family farms on Facebook and Instagram at Bailey Beef Co. (@baileybeefco) and Profits Creek Pork (@pcpork). 

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The Carnivore Ranch

The Carnivore Ranch

A collaboration between Profits Creek Pork and Bailey Beef Co
Pick-up in Perry, MO and St. Thomas, MO, as scheduled.

Delivery to surrounding areas as scheduled
Shipping the first and third Mondays/Tuesdays of each month

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