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Wicked Quail & Pork is operated and run by a 3rd generation farmer and her family in Vassalboro, Maine. We focus on sustainable, humane, and pasture-raised agriculture. We work with our natural surroundings to give our livestock the best life possible - through practices such as grazing our pigs under the wild apple trees in the fall. We raise pork, duck, lamb, and work with other local farms to offer all of the best products in one place.

Wicked Quail & Pork Reviews

very knowledgeable, beautiful family. we have gotten meat packages from wicked quail, and the quality was absolutely amazing. I would highly suggest them to anyone! they put a lot of work not just into their homestead, but the community as well. they go above and beyond to help, and answer and questions. they not only have great meats, different cuts, they have a lot of options, and great prices. keep up the amazing work guys, it's been amazing watching all of your success and hard work.

We having been buying products from WQP for awhile now and everything is always so good. Tonight we tried the coppa steaks and they were so tender and delicious we will definitely be buying more of them when they come back.

Over the last year we’ve purchased both beef and pork halves from Wicked Quail and Pork. Both have been, without question, the best quality meat we have found. Their choices of butchers are easy to work with and amplify the quality. We are looking forward to the opportunity to fill our freezers again soon.

I first met the owners of WQP at a farmers market several years ago where I purchased my first ham hock. They let me know their favorite way to cook the pork, I took their advice and it was delicious! Since then I’ve tried their bacon, ground sausage, and pork chops, all of which have been amazing! Not only does WQP raise delicious pork, but they have also provided support in the community for families that may need it during holidays.

Very responsive and a wonderful product! Some of the finest meat we have had from local sources.

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Wicked Quail & Pork

Raised in Vassalboro, Maine
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