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Big Bluff Ranch Reviews

We love this chicken, tasty.

Can’t find a product like this anywhere else. And it taste superb.

A hard product to find. Most chicken is fed corn and soy. After removing soy from my diet and eating foods that weren't fed soy, I've been able to balance my estrogen levels. Great flavor and price for their animal husbandry practices.

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Here are the questions that we are answering at Big Bluff Ranch.

  • How can we respectfully raise animals for meat?
  • How can we use our animals to regenerate our land?
  • How can we contribute to helping people live healthier lives?

Why do you care about our answers?

You want to eat meat that makes you feel good.

Here is your problem - you don’t have any other choice!

Luckily, ChopLocal is showing you that you do have choices.

Our pasture raised, organic chicken is the alternative you are looking for.

Here is what we know to be true about chicken…

Chickens want to be outside in the pasture. They like being in the sun on grass, chasing and eating bugs. So that’s what we provide them - they are raised in movable hoops on our pasture from day 1. 100% pasture raised.

Chickens want to eat fresh organic feed. Our chickens eat 100% organic feed. We work with our local feed mills to source most of the grains locally.  

Farms should be family sized, not corporate giants. We’ve been here since 1960 and the 4th generation is out here loving life. Since the 1980’s, we’ve been organic and regenerative (although we didn’t call it that back then).

We do all this because it produces the best chicken possible and we know that you will taste that too.