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Although Circle B Meats was established in early 2023, our farm has been raising pigs since 1962, marking 61 years of operation. Brandon Imoehl, a 3rd generation hog producer, is currently expanding the farm's opportunities alongside his partner, Jessica.


Merlin & Anita Imoehl brought pigs and other livestock to the farm in 1962. They spent years raising quality pigs. Brandon’s dad then took on the pigs completely around 1990. In 2021, we (Brandon and Jessica) were given the opportunity to completely operate and own the pigs ourselves. 


As we opened our eyes to explore opportunities to diversify our operation, we thought "Why not offer high-quality pork for others to enjoy as well?" Our genetics include Duroc, Yorkshire and a bit of little bit of Hampshire. We are thrilled to be offering premium pork to our community!

Circle B Reviews

Tried the Apple cinnamon bacon today. It paired great with apple cinnamon pancakes and it made a great breakfast! The bacon has great flavor and was better quality bacon than you can find in a store. Thick, good quality of meat and very flavorful. I’d highly recommend trying it, you and your breakfast won’t regret it.

Delicious! The boneless chops were very tender and juicy. We loved the apple cinnamon bacon-very flavorful! The breakfast sausage was also great, it made for some amazing breakfast burritos! Excited to try everything else you have to offer!!

So far, all of the cuts of pork that we have gotten from Circle B has been fantastic. The pork chops were full of flavor and very tender. The bacon was great, both the cottage and Sliced. Fried up to perfection. I have ham steaks in the freezer waiting to be used soon. Very easy to order from and set up delivery. Extremely satisfied.

I love the bacon! Cook it low and slow and it’s perfect. Of course, all the pork we have gotten from you has been wonderful and so delicious.

I just finally tried the brat patties! They are absolutely delicious!

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Circle B Meats

Circle B Meats

Luana, Iowa

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