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Boneless Pork Chop

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Boneless Pork Chop

Boneless pork chops are the perfect lean protein option for a quick and easy meal. They are great for grilling or pan searing.

2 Per Pack

About Circle B Meats

Circle B Land and Cattle is a 3rd generation family farm in Luana, Iowa. In early 2023, we developed Circle B Meats as a way to share our high-quality pork with others. We are 100% hands on with our pigs from grinding our feed, handling newborn babies, taking pigs to market, fixing up buildings, and cleaning out barns - we handle it all! We take pride in selecting high quality genetics to offer you premium pork!

Vendor Reviews

Tried the Apple cinnamon bacon today. It paired great with apple cinnamon pancakes and it made a great breakfast! The bacon has great flavor and was better quality bacon than you can find in a store. Thick, good quality of meat and very flavorful. I’d highly recommend trying it, you and your breakfast won’t regret it.

Delicious! The boneless chops were very tender and juicy. We loved the apple cinnamon bacon-very flavorful! The breakfast sausage was also great, it made for some amazing breakfast burritos! Excited to try everything else you have to offer!!

So far, all of the cuts of pork that we have gotten from Circle B has been fantastic. The pork chops were full of flavor and very tender. The bacon was great, both the cottage and Sliced. Fried up to perfection. I have ham steaks in the freezer waiting to be used soon. Very easy to order from and set up delivery. Extremely satisfied.

I love the bacon! Cook it low and slow and it’s perfect. Of course, all the pork we have gotten from you has been wonderful and so delicious.

I just finally tried the brat patties! They are absolutely delicious!

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