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Feathered Fork Farms is a 30-acre homestead located about 30 miles Southeast of Waco in the rural town of Lott, Texas. Established in February of 2022, Bo and Candice Johnson decided to take their agricultural heritage and passion to create fresh produce and meat products on their farm.

Candice Johnson has been farming and ranching her whole life, but Feathered Fork is where she began her own venture. “Feathered Fork” started out with just chickens which is where the “feathered” part of the name came from. The “fork” part comes from Candice’s love of canned items like pickles, salsa, etc.

The Johnson’s raise grass fed poultry, pork and some beef products products as well as grass fed grain finished beef on their 30-acre pasture. At Feathered Fork Farms all animals are antibiotic free with no added hormones, and all meats are USDA and state inspected.

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Delicious pork belly! We made a really yummy kimchi jjigae using pork belly from Feathered Fork Farms!

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