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We're the Frese's - a 5th generation family farm in Greenwood, Wisconsin. In 1982, “Dad” branched out onto his own spread down the road from the homestead and made our beginnings in natural beef. This is where Frese Naturals is today, owned and run by Cole and Crystal Frese and their kids, Ansley and Henry.


The Angus cattle we raise for beef are hormone free, stress free (not chased by motorized vehicles), and kept in our own, onsite pastures where they are handled regularly. Frese Naturals are born here on the farm and spend their first 18 months on grass and hay, pastured on 300 acres of grass meadows. From there, a mixture of corn, oats, and molasses is given on a free choice basis.


We have also begun a co-op where we seek other, local farmers with similar practices as our own to finish their black Angus cattle as we would. This ensures continuity and keeps our community's beef local.

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We just had your T-bone steaks on the grill. OMG they were amazing. Tender and awesome flavor!!!

I have been ordering beef from frese's beef for years. Some of the best beef you'll find. Great family owned business. highly recommended for your beef needs.

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Frese Beef

Greenwood, WI

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