Free shipping on orders over $150 from the same vendor!

Free shipping on orders over $150 from the same vendor!

For multiple generations, the owners of Iowa Rabbit have been in the livestock and farming business and serving restaurants, retailers, and home chefs throughout the United States. We offer wholesome and flavorful rabbit meat that is grown in America’s heartland.  While our rabbit is from the heartland, rabbit has a rich heritage of providing food to people throughout the world for hundreds of years and plays an important role this nation’s history as a healthy protein rich in flavor. We intend to preserve and promote this heritage for many more generations to come.

Iowa Rabbit maintains a "transparent food" philosophy, which involves raising its animals humanely and naturally through a hormone free vegetarian diet. Our philosophy also provides education and recipes to both chefs and consumers alike to promote rabbit cuisine. Our commitment to sustainability also includes being responsible stewards of the land for future generations.

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