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Mud Creek Farm and Honey Creek Farm are operated by father & son, Nick and Tim Carter. Honey Creek Farm, the family's 4th-generation family farm, is an 80-acre homestead in Southern Howard County.


Started in the post-world-war-II era, the dirt was poor quality, crops were bad, and the land was cheap. But grandpa used rotational grazing to replenish the organic material in the soil and today we have a beautiful and productive farm where we raise grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and pastured chicken.


Nick and his wife started Mud Creek Farm, a smaller urban farm on the outskirts of Indianapolis, where they raise smaller livestock, eggs, and several acres of vegetables. Together, the two farms offer a wide range of meat, eggs, and produce to the Market Wagon marketplace.

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Amazing quality beef! We just received our first order a few weeks ago and have been thrilled. You can cut the steaks with a fork. We will be repeat customers.

Excellent quality meat and great prices. What’s not to love about Mud Creek?!

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Mud Creek Farm

Mud Creek Farm

Indianapolis, IN

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