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New York Strip Steak

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New York Strip Steak

These 8 oz Strip (or "New York" Strip) steaks, are long, tender boneless steaks found opposite the filet and packs as much juicy flavor in a slightly larger steak than the filet. Sold 2 per pack.

Our cattle are Pasture-Raised, free-roaming on pasture all year-round, eating a cow's favorite diet: grass, clover, and alfalfa hay in the winter. This natural diet is supplemented only with small amounts of Non-GMO grain to add just the right amount of marbling. We never use hormones or antibiotics regimens.

Each Package is approximately 0.9 - 1.1 lbs

ChopLocal Meat Delivery from Local Farms and Butcher Shops

How much does it cost to ship my meat order?

Shipping from this farm or butcher shop varies depending on the destination.

Preferred Rate Areas

  • Orders under $49.99 = $24.99 shipping
  • Orders over $49.99 = FREE shipping

Extended Rate Areas

  • Orders under $49.99 = $49.99 shipping
  • Orders over $49.99 = $24.99 shipping

Because ChopLocal sellers ship directly from their farm or butcher shop, these rates apply to orders from a single farmer/butcher.

*Please note, as you shop on ChopLocal, you may find products from other farms and butcher shops, and they may have different preferred/extended rate areas.

shipping meat from midwest


When will my meats ship?

ChopLocal farmers and butchers ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday unless otherwise noted. This is to avoid weekend delays and ensure that you receive your order in good condition.

Can I order meat as a gift?

Yes! Enter the recipient's address in "Shipping Address" and we'll send meat right to their door!

How is my order kept cold?

Each of ChopLocal's farmers and butchers ship directly from their farm or butcher shop, using insulated shipping containers and coolant to ensure your meat arrives in good condition.

Different sellers use different insulation and cooling products, so if you have questions about the specific products used, please contact the seller directly.

What should I do if there's an issue?

If you do not receive your order in a timely manner or the meat has thawed, please contact within 24 hours of delivery. Check out our refund policy for more information.

Vendor Reviews

Amazing quality beef! We just received our first order a few weeks ago and have been thrilled. You can cut the steaks with a fork. We will be repeat customers.

Excellent quality meat and great prices. What’s not to love about Mud Creek?!

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About Mud Creek Farm

Mud Creek Farm has been raising small livestock (lambs and hens) in Indianapolis since 2018, but our family has farmed in Indiana for 4 generations. Honey Creek Farm is our generational farm, 45 minutes North of Indy, where our family raises livestock that can’t be raised here in city limits—grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork.

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