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Hello and welcome to our family farm page. Family and Farming has been all my family has ever known.  My family has been farming in the beautiful driftless area region of southwestern Wisconsin in rural Muscoda since settling in the area in the 1870s. Much of my family’s legacy has been built on being pioneers in the industry and caretakers of the land, paving the way for future generations to come. That very premise if why we are here and continuing on our next chapter.  

Hi, I am Ryan Studnicka. I am the fifth-generation farmer of the Studnicka family. I attended the local high school, Riverdale and completed my degree at UW-Platteville focusing on Commodity and Price Analysis. Throughout college I would find myself coming home most weekends to help my father with his registered Angus beef herd and crop farming.  After college I worked around the state establishing my career in agriculture while always having the itch in having my own beef herd.   

In 2014 that dream became a reality when I purchased one of my family’s neighbors’ Black Angus Baldy (mostly white face and mostly black body) herd.  At the time I was working and living in Madison. This satisfied my appetite momentarily, being a weekend warrior sort of speak but in the back of my mind knew I wanted to be by my and my dad’s respective herds and operation daily.  Opportunity knocked in 2015 when I accepted a position at the local family cheese plant in Muscoda, bringing me home for good!  After living in town for a few years and searching relentlessly for my very own farm, a once in a lifetime opportunity came up in 2017. The farm next to my dad’s was going to auction. After much planning, preparing, and utter finger crossing I was fortunate enough to secure the farm at the start of 2018.  

Historically I was a cow-calf operation but started to see the inevitable need for long-term sustainability of working directly with the beef consumer.  What started as a social media page for family and friends, sharing what we were up to at the farm lead to today’s full product availability.  My family always prided themselves in doing what’s best for the family, animals and land. My only hope to continue this strong family tradition. Our products are a direct reflection of our passion and squarely our brand.


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Fulfillment OptionsLocal Pick-Up, Ships Nationwide Choose OptionGrass Finished
Fulfillment OptionsLocal Pick-Up, Ships Nationwide Choose OptionGrass Finished
Studnicka Cattle Company Reviews

I have bought here for couple of years. Never disappointed! The meats are lean, tender, and full of taste. The new line of sausage sticks and ring bologna are awesome too. Well worth ordering and local too!!

Awesome product and even better customer service! Amazing family to work with!

If you are like our family and enjoy eating close to the ground and supporting farmers, Studnicka Cattle Co. is ideal. Buy local grass-feed steaks right from the source, enjoy amazing beef sticks and sausages and support the grower rather than a mechanized supply chain. Taste better, and you'll feel better after enjoying it. Real value ...

We’ve eaten the steaks, burger, roasts and sticks. I’d highly recommend them all. Well packaged, convenient transactions, and it comes from a very trusted source. Delicious too! Can’t beat it.

I have purchased the ribeyes and hamburger. Hamburger is so lean and that is why I buy it. Ribeyes melt in your mouth. Will continue to buy from Ryan. Job well done!

Just wanna say so far I love the beef I purchased from you. So far I’ve eaten the ground and hanging tender. Great taste. Thanks again

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Studnicka Cattle Co.

Grass raised, grass fed, and grass finished beef from our Wisconsin family farm.


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First and foremost, we believe in taking care of our animals and land, which in turn they will take care of us. With that in mind during the growing season we rotationally graze our beef herd from one pasture paddock to another every 24 to 72 hours depending on the paddock condition and size. This allows our pastures to rest and recover while the animals are able to consume the forage at optimal nutrient levels.  To extend our grazing season we incorporate cover crops for late fall and early spring grazing.  Starting towards the end of fall and going until the start of spring we feed round bales of grass hay from summer forage harvest.  

Our animals are grass raised, grass fed, and grass finished.  We never use synthetic herbicides or pesticides on our pastures or harvest forages.  Throughout the year we supplement all natural non grain minerals and vitamins free of animal byproducts.  We use polled genetics, natural fly treatment and we do not use antibiotics, implants and/or hormones for growth promotion. Our animals have access to the outdoors year-round.  During the winter all our animals have access to housing. 

We are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) certified and FSIS Grassfed certified.