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Shae and Anna are co-owners and operators of Over the Moon Meats. We are proud to be part of the just 9% of farmers who identify as young producers, and the 26% of such that are under 35. Thank you for supporting our blooming business! 


Located in rural Delaware County Iowa, Over the Moon produces pasture raised chicken, turkey, duck, as well as farrow to finish purebred Berkshire pork. 


You can read more about Over the Moon here and in the press here.

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What is a pork chop?

Pork Chops are one of the most common cuts of pork and are cut from the loin. There are a variety of different types of pork chops but they all cook the same and when cooked properly to 145 degrees each will result in an enjoyable eating experience. 

How to cook a pork chop

When it comes to cooking pork chops, a great rule of thumb to keep in mind is that even with the variety of different types of pork chops that are available, they all will cook the same. Whether you plan on grilling, baking, sauteing and even air frying your chops, if you are looking for a delicious and tender eating experience be sure to cook your chop to an internal temperature of 145 degrees. The time and temperature of cooking will depend on the thickness of the chop and whether it is bone in or not, the typical chop will be ½ to 2 inches thick. 

Types of Pork Chops

When at the grocery or your local butcher shop you may come across a variety of different types of pork chops, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind in helping you distinguish the differences between each one. 

Pork Chops are one of the most popular cups of pork, all being cut from a portion of the loin which is the portion of meat that extends from the hip to the shoulder of the pig.

PorterHouse Chop: 

The PorterHouse Chops are cut from the lower back just behind the rib chop. You will recognize this cut by its characteristic t-bone shape. These are large chops that contain a lot of meat as well as a portion of the tenderloin. 

T-Bone Chop: 

The T-bone Chop is the same as the porterhouse chop with the addition that any portion of the tenderloin shall be exposed on at least one side of the chop.

Ribeye Chop: 

The Ribeye Chop is derived from the rib portion of the bone-in center cut rib and includes some back and rib bone. The ribeye chop can come frenched meaning that all the meat around the rib bone has been removed.

New York Chop/ Center Cut Pork Chop: 

The New York or Center Cut pork chops are boneless and are located right above the loin chop, toward the head. Typically you will see this chop cut at 1 ¼ inch thick. 

Blade Chop: 

The Blade Chops are cut from the beginning of the loin or shoulder area and may contain some blade bone as well as the back rib bone. These chops are typically cut thicker, tend to be more marbled and are most commonly prepared butterflied or as pork loin country style ribs.



Order Pork Chops Online: How it Works

1. Check out the pork farms and butcher shops above.

2. Can't find one near you? Many farmers and butcher shops in the ChopLocal network will ship pork right to your door!

3. Looking for something specific? Use the search bar or filters to find the meat that's right for you.

4. Order pork online and the farmer or butcher shop will fulfill your order!

Over the Moon Reviews

First time ordering. We brined the two turkey breasts and served them up for Thanksgiving dinner. They were awesome and everyone loved them. Tender and great size for our family of eaters! Can’t wait to try th chicken legs!

Anna, thank you so much for my order! To think I ordered my items last night and they got here today is incredible. I LOVE your products and all your hard work is so appreciated!

The pork is the best! Since moving to Iowa I don’t think I have ever had better meat in my life. Love to support over the moon!

Anna and Shae raise their animals with so much care and you can taste the difference in the meat. We made braised turkey legs with cranberry, star anise and sweet potatoes and it was delicious!

For the past 3 years, we have purchased our meat almost exclusively from Over the Moon Farm and Flowers. From our first 'whole hog' 3 years ago to the recent delivery of pork, chicken, duck, turkey, and lamb, the flavor and consistent quality of the cuts is second to none. The variety offered has expanded our menu and challenged us to try new cuts and new recipes - New Year's Eve roast duck will certainly be a new tradition. They make it easy to order on their website and then deliver right to our door! Give them a try - you will not be sorry. #knowyourfarmer!


We ordered a pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving in 2021. This was the highest quality meet we have ever cooked. The turkey turned out juice and had such nice flavor. Getting the updates on the turkey's growth was also such a nice, human feeling touch. We will not get our turkey anywhere else. They also have a meat delivery program, it is a MUST try.

Superb meats, absolutely some of the best chicken, beef and pork in Iowa. Lean, deeply flavorful, delivered to your door by the nicest pair of local ranchers. I can’t recommend Anna and Shae and their meats highly enough.

Their pork is out of this world! Absolutely A+. Hard to stop eating:). Fully recommend.

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Over the Moon

Farm-raised chicken, turkey, duck and pork available nationwide!

Shipping: Every Monday

Home Delivery (Eastern IA): Every Thursday

Pick-Up in Coggon: As Scheduled


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