About Gnarled Oak Farm

Hernando, Mississippi

Gnarled Oak Farm is a small family farm in the Mississippi Hill country. We raise Belted Galloway cows (the Oreo cows) and other heritage breeds of livestock, including sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, all on pasture. We work hard to do it in a way that enhances clean water, wildlife, and ecosystem health.


We believe in diversity. And soil health. And that ecosystem health is directly linked to human health. Our mission is to foster a system that improves the environment while providing food and other regenerative products to a growing community. We believe that regenerative practices can do that and more. Our practices include intensive rotational grazing, planting cover crops, no sprays, no tillage, and plant and livestock diversity.


We started farming in 2017 and have been expanding and diversifying since then.

Gnarled Oak Reviews

Lovely family-operated farm on beautiful property. The owners were wonderful and generous with their time. Fantastic selection of meats and products. Highly recommend!

We cooked the New York Strip steaks and they were literally the best steaks we've ever had!

Their sausage is the best we have ever had!

The best beef I've ever eaten! Nice job guys!

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Gnarled Oak Farm

Gnarled Oak Farm

Pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb from Hernando, MS
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