About Great Lakes Lamb

We are Jim and Sherrie Bristol and Rick and Elaine Palm. We have a strong family history of farming in America, and now we are two generations continuing that heritage together in northeast Michigan. Our family appreciates caring for the land and animals, and we would like future generations to have the same opportunity.

Quality, nutritious protein products are an important food choice we offer our community. It’s a pleasure to raise food for our own family and a bonus to raise food for others’ families. Some of our favorite lamb dishes include kabobs, bratwurst, burgers and sliders, cherry-glazed loin and more.


The health of our animals is our top priority. Our farm was the third in the country to achieve an American Wool Assurance program certification, which is a voluntary program that focuses on year-round animal care. Our farm is also involved in the voluntary Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program to prioritize minimizing pollution risks.

Great Lakes Lamb

High-quality, Michigan-raised lamb available nationwide!

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