Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

Order $49.99 from a single farmer or butcher and get FREE SHIPPING!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to sell my products through ChopLocal?

A: There are no set-up fees or monthly payments with ChopLocal. We take a small commission (similar to other multi-vendor e-commerce sites), meaning we are only successful when you are. The commission fees are waived for the first 30 days that your products are for sale on our site.

Q: How do I ship my products?

A: ChopLocal has this figured out! We will guide you through the process of packaging your products to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect form. For more information, check out our Shipping Guidelines.

Q: Isn’t shipping meat expensive?

A: It can be! But with multiple vendors, ChopLocal can take advantage of the economies of scale, help you access shipping materials at a discounted rate, and pass along volume shipping discounts we have negotiated.

Q: How much should I charge for my meat?

A: While meat prices vary from retailer to retailer and season to season, our research has shown that meateaters are willing to pay more for the convenience of online shopping and the quality provided by our vendors. Price your products on a per pound basis, with enough wiggle room to cover your production costs, processing costs, shipping, and commission fees.

Q: How do returns/refunds work?

A: Customers may request a refund if a shipping error occurs or the product doesn’t meet their expectations. The customer will have to provide a photo of the product in question and must request the refund within 24 hours of delivery. Refunds are the responsibility of the vendor.

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