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Farmers & Butchers: Sell your meat online with ChopLocal

The US meat industry is dominated by a handful of major packers who are putting our family farms and small meat processors out of business.
As farmers and small business owners ourselves, we know how hard you work and how slim the margins are.
We know how the current meat supply chain takes the profit from rural communities and lines the pockets of shareholders in large cities.
We know how farmers' share of the food dollar has been shrinking over the years.
And we know that the best meat comes directly from the farmer who raised it or the butcher who cut it.




ChopLocal is here to help you increase your profits
through direct-to-consumer sales.



Vendor Tools

Keep track of your inventory and orders with ChopLocal's vendor tools.

online store for farmers to sell meat

Online Store

Set up an online store so your existing customers can see what you have in stock and new customers can find you online.


Shipping or Pickup

Simplify shipping and order fulfillment.


The ChopLocal Platform is:


  • simple but robust. ChopLocal has the tools you need, complete with your own online microstore, inventory management, customer communication, a secure checkout, and the ability for you to offer pick-up or shipping.
  • a cost-effective solution. Don't spend thousands of dollars setting up your website and online store! Our plans start at $69 a month and our set-up fee is a fraction of other solutions.
  • managed by farmers and small business owners. We created ChopLocal because we know how important you are to our rural economies and food supply chain, and we want to help you be successful. Unlike other online platforms, we understand your business.




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