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New! Now you can Order Seafood Online from ChopLocal!

You already know that ChopLocal is a great place to order meat directly from farmers and butcher shops, but now you can order seafood, as well! We're proud to introduce a few of our newest vendors, who offer seafood from the coasts of Maine and Alaska, ready to be shipped to your door! From Maine lobster to Alaskan sockeye salmon, these "fisher...


Bison Meat 101

Bison meat is definitely not as popular as beef, but it is a delicious and lean alternative. Read on to find out everything you need to know if you are new to purchasing bison meat. What is bison meat? Bison meat is the meat of the American bison, also known as the American buffalo. Bison is a large, bovine mammal that is native to North America....


All About Picanha: How to Cook Picanha and Where to Buy Picanha

Picanha! It's an incredibly popular cut of steak in Brazil, but most Americans are unfamiliar with picanha.   In this blog post, we'll answer the questions: What is picanha? How do you cook picanha? Where can you buy picanha? What is Picanha? Picanha is also called the Coulotte Roast, Sirloin Cap or Top Sirloin Cap,...


Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef Near You

There are many reasons you might be looking for grass fed, grass finished beef near you. But did you know that much of the grass fed beef sold in the United States comes from other countries, including Australia? (In fact, some of the largest online retailers of grassfed beef admit that their beef comes from overseas.) At ChopLocal, we believe...


Pork Chops - One of America's favorite cuts!

Pork Chops - One of America's favorite cuts to grill! And with spring on the way, we know you're itching to fire up that grill and bite into a tender, juicy pork chop! Here are a few things about pork chops that you might not know! 1. You don't have to cook your pork chops "well-done." Whole cuts of pork, like chops, only need to be cooked to 145...


Regenerative Meat

Regenerative Meat "Regenerative" is one of the latest buzzwords in agriculture and food production. But what does "regenerative" mean? And how can you buy regenerative meat? What is Regenerative Farming? Regenerative farming is a way of farming that focuses on improving and restoring the health of the soil, plants, animals, and people. It's a...


Introduction to Steak 101

by Amber Kohlhaas Step up your steak IQ! In this quick guide, learn about the different cuts of steak and how to cook them to perfection. Summer is steak season! While you can find many types of steak on the ChopLocal marketplace, choosing between different cuts can overwhelm some people. Step up your steak IQ just ahead of the grilling season....


How to find meat from a farm near you!

There are many reasons people want to buy meat directly from farms near them, but it's not always easy to find those farms! Here are three ideas to help you find a meat farm near you: 1. Visit a local farmers market! Farmers markets aren't just for fruits and veggies! Many farmers markets feature meat farms as well as produce farms....


Your Meat, Your Choice

Your meat, your choice! We get it. Different families have different priorities. That's why we let you choose the type of meat you want. ✔Grainfed Angus beef ✔Grassfed, grass-finished beef ✔Mangalitsa, Duroc or Berkshire pork ✔Free-range Chicken ✔Antibiotic Free Meat ✔Budget friendly ✔Meat from Regenerative Farms ✔Heat-and-Serve Meat You choose...


How to buy Farm to Table Meat

Obviously, we love local meat... It's in our name! But the ChopLocal movement hasn't reached every part of the United States (yet!) In the meantime , you can still order farm to table meat directly from the farmers and small butcher shops, and  have your order shipped to your door! Just fill up your cart with $49 or more of meat from a...

buy american ground beef online

Ground Beef Directly from Farmers and Butchers

Ground Beef Directly from Farmers and Butchers Nearly half (40-45%) of the beef consumed in the United States is ground beef, and for good reason! A household staple, ground beef is incredibly versatile and delicious. But in the past few months, ground beef prices have been rising. You would think this would benefit farmers, but that's not the case....


The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2022

The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2022 Looking for the perfect gift to give this holiday season? How about one of The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2022?  Gift shopping doesn't have to be stressful or time- consuming, with the high quality products that make up The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2022, your shopping can be made easy.  Here is a...

buying half a cow

Buying Half a Cow

Buying Half a Cow One popular way to buy beef in bulk is to purchase a whole, half or quarter of a cow (technically, it's probably a steer) directly from a farmer. This is also called “freezer beef” because it will fill your freezer and you’ll always have high quality meat on hand! Many of farmers selling beef on ChopLocal offer quarters,...

browned beef

How to Sear Your Meats

Here at ChopLocal, our goal is to provide you with high-quality meat and a satisfying eating experience. Our farmers and butchers have done most of the work - raising and cutting amazing meat for you to enjoy. But unfortunately, you have to do some of the work yourself. Our meats arrive frozen, and it’s up to you to prepare them. So how do you...

more than half of consumers buy meat online

Sell your Meat Online with ChopLocal

Are you a farmer interested in selling to consumers directly? Or a small-town butcher looking for new customers for your specialty products? Or maybe you're a small processor expanding beyond foodservice. If you fit into any of those categories, you're in the right place! About ChopLocal ChopLocal empowers niche meat processors,...


Thanksgiving Turkey Shortage? Not when you “ChopLocal”!

The Thanksgiving turkey is one of the cornerstones of the holiday, but some experts are reporting a shortage of turkeys - especially smaller ones. “Your best bet for getting a small fresh turkey is to order one from a local turkey farm today,” Consumer Reports advised in late September. ChopLocal has made that easy by rounding up a...

best way to cook turkey

The Best Way to Cook Turkey

The  best way to cook a turkey - ask 10 cooks and you'll probably get 10 different answers! But our friend Michelle from the blog Simplify, Live, Love swears that the best way to cook a turkey is upside down! Michelle isn't the only one who recommends cooking turkeys upside down. In fact, that's how I cooked my turkey last year. By placing the...

Mark Putney

Meet Mark Putney - Another Farmer on the ChopLocal Team

ChopLocal is, at its core, about people and community. Jared and I (Katie) started this company a year ago in order to help individual farmers and small business owners compete against the massive corporations that currently control the meat supply chain in the United States. The newest member of our team not only deeply understands our mission...


Local Turkeys for Sale in Iowa

Iowa is known for corn, soybeans, pigs and cattle, but did you know that the state is also home to many turkey farms? Iowa ranks 7th in US turkey production, with about 130 turkey farms. And most of those farms are 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation turkey farms, like the farms owned by ChopLocal's founders, Jared Achen and Katie Olthoff . This...


ChopLocal In the News

Latest News: January 20, 2021 - Iowa Farmers Launch "The Etsy of Meat" July 14, 2021 - ChopLocal Now Home to 20 Farmers and Butchers October 11, 2021 - Mark Putney joins ChopLocal   ChopLocal has been featured in many different publications and podcasts. Check them out below! (This page is updated periodically with new links.)...

Meet Jared Achen family farm

Meet the Founder: Jared Achen

Agriculture is in his blood. As a 4th generation farmer in southeast Iowa, there was never any doubt that ChopLocal Founder and CEO Jared Achen would return to the farm after completing his education. Alongside his father, sister and brother-in-law, he raises turkeys and row-crops in southeast Iowa. Despite his plans to farm after graduation, Achen...

ChopLocal founder Katie Olthoff

Meet the Founder: Katie Olthoff

Just over six years ago, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (bird flu) was discovered on a Minnesota turkey farm. And in a roundabout way, that event led ChopLocal’s co-founder, Katie Olthoff, down the professional - and personal - path she’s on today. Katie’s passion for helping farmers developed long before bird flu made its way to the midwest....


Should you buy meat online?

Is buying meat online a bad idea? Well, to be honest, it can be quite the disappointment. Since the pandemic began, over 50% of meat-eaters have purchased meat online, which includes online grocery ordering for pick-up or delivery. And it hasn’t always left them satisfied. But at ChopLocal, we’ve done everything possible to make sure you have the best...


Ohnemusbeef: A passion for cattle to be shared with all

The Ohnemusbeef Farm Story Farming can be stressful, but most people don’t think about the effect of stress on farm animals. For David and Mary Lynne Ohnemus, though, that is top of mind. They strive to provide a stress-free environment for their cattle, which leads to better taste and texture in the end result. Like many cattle ranchers...

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