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Looking for Beef Bacon Near You?

Beef bacon can be hard to find, but our farmers can ship it right to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beef Bacon:

What is Beef Bacon?

Beef bacon is made from beef instead of pork, and it is delicious! Pork bacon is made from the belly of the pig, and similarly, beef bacon is made from the belly of cattle.

How do you cook beef bacon?

Cook beef bacon just as you would pork bacon. Pan fry the beef bacon, microwave it, or try baking it in the oven.

How do you cook with beef bacon?

Substitute beef bacon for any recipe that calls for pork bacon!

Where can you find beef bacon?

Right here! Beef bacon is a specialty product that is not carried by many retailers. ChopLocal's farmers work with small meat processors to have beef bacon made from their cattle. Support these small businesses and family farms, and get beef bacon delivered to your door when you order from a ChopLocal farm!

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