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Looking for the best turkey breast?

Whether you would like to serve turkey breast for Thanksgiving, substitute turkey breast for chicken breast or just enjoy it as a high-protein, low calorie meat, look no further! You can order turkey breast online from one of ChopLocal's independent farmers or butcher shops.

Boneless Turkey Breast

Click here to buy boneless turkey breast. Boneless turkey breast is a great option for a larger portion of lean poultry than chicken breast.

Shredded Turkey Breast

Click here for shredded turkey breast. This pre-cooked, shredded turkey breast is great for shredded turkey sandwiches, casseroles, and many other meals!

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Fulfillment OptionsShips Nationwide, Local Pick-Up
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About the ChopLocal Marketplace

ChopLocal is an online farmer's market for beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and other meats, directly from farms and small butcher shops.

How to Order your Farm to Table Meat

Check out the local farms and butcher shops here and choose "pick-up" at checkout.

OR fill up your cart with $49 in meat from a single farm or butcher shop in your region and have your order shipped for free right to your doorstep!

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