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Frequently Asked Questions about Ham

What is ham?

Ham is cured pork from the hind legs of a pig. The curing process prevents bacterial growth and results in tender, flavorful meat.

How is ham cured?

Dry-cured ham is produced by salting the pork and nitrites are often added along with the salt. 

Wet-cured ham is produced by brining the pork or injecting it with a brining solution. The ham is also cooked.

Smoked ham is produced by smoking the pork. The action of the smoke cures the ham.

How do you cook ham?

Because ham is preserved through the curing process, you only need to re-heat your ham before serving if you'd like to serve it hot! Most commonly, ham is slow-roasted to the desired temperature.

Honey or brown-sugar glazed ham recipes are incredibly popular because the savory salted ham and sweentess of the glaze are a delectable combination.

Why is ham popular at Easter?

In the past, pigs were normally harvested in the fall or winter. Over the next several months, the legs would be cured or smoked, and the hams would be well-preserved until Easter.

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