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The US meat industry is dominated by a handful of major packers who are putting our family farms and small meat processors out of business.

As farmers and small business owners ourselves, we've seen this problem firsthand.
We know how the current meat supply chain takes the profit from rural communities and lines the pockets of shareholders in large cities.
We know how farmers' share of the food dollar has been shrinking over the years.
We know how small meat processors have struggled compete.
And we know that the best meat comes directly from the farmer who raised it or the butcher who cut it.

Be part of the solution.
1. Purchase ChopLocal meat and support farmers and small processors.
Save 20% with coupon code FBACRES.
2. Refer a farmer or small processor to set up an online store on ChopLocal.
If they sign up within 30 days, you get a $100 ChopLocal gift card!
3. Are you a farmer, locker or butcher shop who needs an online store?