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North 40 Premium Beef

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North 40 Premium Beef
Pender, NE
Pender, NE
At North 40 Premium Beef, we believe in one thing more than anything else and that’s Quality. We strive to give you the highest Quality eating experience you have ever had. And that all starts with the genetics. Raising Wagyu cattle on a 5th generation family farm in Northeast Nebraska, Co-Founder Logan Peters has worked with the Wagyu breed since 2010. He has mastered raising Purebred Wagyu cattle, regulated by the American Wagyu Association. Crossing these elite Purebred genetics with the Midwestern popular, Angus breed, we are now able to create a Wagyu crossed beef animal that is more efficient and ultimately more cost effective for the end consumer. As our cattle aren’t raised in actual Japan, we instead market our beef as American Style Kobe Beef raised right here in the Midwest! Co-Founder Alex Heine uses his management experience to oversee excellence in quality assurance that our consumers can trust. From the time the calf is born, until you are eating a juicy steak on a dinner plate, we ensure cattle are treated properly and fed a nutrient-rich diet specifically designed for the Wagyu breed. No added hormones, selective antibiotic use, and strict animal handling guidelines ensure our cattle are raised right for you!

So Good.
Ordered 5 Ribeye Steaks - I was impressed by how quickly they shipped and how good they tasted - the whole family enjoyed them! Will order again!

I just bought a quarter beef for my husband's birthday. (If you think this was a lame gift, you should have seen his eyes as he inspected the marbling on each cut. He is pumped.) This beef is worth it. Stop buying store meat and buy this! The fat melts and creates an incredible sear. Even the hamburger has a noticable tenderness. Also, Logan was super easy to work with via email, text, and call. He followed up promptly and seemed happy to know that North40 Beef has helped me squash my hubby's dream of raising a wagyu for his own tasty eating. We will just get it from Logan.


I tried a mix of different cuts and ground beef. The natural flavor in this meat is outstanding. We did nothing but sea salt on our ribeye and it was the best steak I've ever grilled. Between the superior beef and the great experience with their customer service, I would recommend them to anyone !

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