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I was extremely impressed with the packaging/cooler, nice cookbook, and obviously the meat! These will make excellent holiday gifts to send to our family in the coming months!
Those turkey tenderloins were so good! I really liked the package size because I love leftovers for my lunches during the week!
Everything arrived great!!! I had no issues with the process at all and was really happy I was able to find Brewer Farms through the Chop Local website.
My husband and I can't get enough of this brisket, and we are very picky eaters. It is seasoned and smoked so perfectly and sliced so thin you can cut it with a fork. Pure meat, no fat. So easy to prepare in the boil bags in the oven or crockpot. I use my crockpot, place 2" of water in it, add the frozen bag of meat and slow cook it on low for 8-9 hours. I will make baked potatoes in the oven and we have the best dinner ever! I highly recommend this product.
Our order of Picanha, French Cut Pork Chops and Osso Buco arrived super fast. The meat was top quality and trimmed perfectly. It was nice to be able to take it right out of the packaging and not have to do any extra trimming.
Ordered steaks from Brewer Family Farms and was blown away. Very tender and the marbling was perfection! Will order again!
Our Christmas prime rib was wonderful! We ordered extra so we could have prime rib sandwiches the next day. Will be back for Christmas 2021!
I love bacon -- its definitely one of my favorite foods and my husband obviously knows the way to my heart because one of my Christmas gifts was this A-MAZING flavored bacon he ordered from ChopLocal! It tastes great freshly cooked out of the oven or rolled up cold in a cheese wrap for breakfast! Prime Rib and Cajun are my favorites so far! Yum!
I'm just going to throw this out there......that Prime Rib bacon is legit! We made a pound of it over the holidays and my family was literally fighting over it. One pound was clearly not enough. Honestly, I don't think 3 pounds would have been enough. Who knew bacon could be improved to that level?? I highly recommend. A thousand times over, I recommend it! I don't recommend getting one pound. Ya better get a six pack
Made our first purchase from Chop Local and it did not disappoint. Was so convenient and we picked up our fresh turkey from Golden Prairie Turkeys. It was delicious and we can’t wait to get another one!
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