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Thank you for the continued amazing jerky and awesome service. I don’t say this lightly. I hold businesses to a high standard and unfortunately not many achieve it. Great family business that I pray continues for long time. God Bless

We love ordering products from ChopLocal. Great service and the orders ship fast from local farmers. Check out the turkey tenderloins … they are wonderful on the smoker!

Easy to order. shipped fast. great selection of meats. plus, love knowing we are supporting Iowa farmers!

This meat is better tasting than any meat you buy in grocery stores. i'm in Oklahoma. if you buy in bulk, it's probably even less expensive than your local grocery store. You won't be disappointed!

This Porterhouse was an Amazing price of meat. Cooked on my pellet grill until Med. Rare.
Excited to make another order

am happy to have the opportunity to tell you about my excellent experience with Brewer Family Farms through CHOP local.

The quality and selection of products I purchased was unsurpassed. In a months time, we have already gone through 90% of the order. Everything was beautifully packaged, high-quality, and a much better opportunity than the supermarket. Although we qualified for free delivery, we chose to pick up our product so we could see the farm. We had the delightful experience of meeting the Brewer‘s daughter Emily and her sister-in-law. They packaged our order specially for us so we could get it right away. They are obviously dedicated to customer service. We intend to order from them again in the near future; just need more freezer space for a big order.

Quality and value, plus convenient free delivery can’t be beat!

Jane and Jerry Meetz


I am so glad we have a direct line to local farmers. The products are amazing.

The smoked turkey breast is amazing!

Best pickled Turkey gizzards I've eaten

Incredible piece of prime meat…had an awesome family dinner with a 5.5 pound prime rib…we’ll be back for more!

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