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American Wagyu Quarter Beef [DEPOSIT]

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Order a 1/4 of beef and Save $! Wholesale Prices. Limited Availability. Shipping Available. Fill the freezer or split it with family and friends! Take advantage of our best value available! Order a quarter, half or whole beef processed at a USDA Federally inspected Craft Butcher. This is the same great beef that you have come to have known and loved from our online store. By purchasing a variety of cuts and sharing a portion of the beef, we can offer a package to fill your freezer! Stock up with with a variety of the best Local, American Wagyu Beef. You will receive a little bit of everything – Steaks, Hamburger, Roasts and other great beef cuts such as Brisket, Skirt Steak, Short Ribs, Tongue and much more! Plan on 1/3 Steaks, 1/3 Burger, 1/3 Roasts depending on your exact requests though. 100% Natural, No Added Hormones, Vacuum Packed, Pickup from the farm or arrange shipping after checkout. USDA Inspected.  Approximately 175 Lbs. of premium american wagyu beef.

ChopLocal Meat Delivery from Local Farms and Butcher Shops

How much does it cost to ship my meat order?

Shipping from this farm or butcher shop varies depending on the destination.

Preferred Rate Areas

  • Orders under $49.99 = $24.99 shipping
  • Orders over $49.99 = FREE shipping

Extended Rate Areas

  • Orders under $49.99 = $49.99 shipping
  • Orders over $49.99 = $24.99 shipping

Because ChopLocal sellers ship directly from their farm or butcher shop, these rates apply to orders from a single farmer/butcher.

*Please note, as you shop on ChopLocal, you may find products from other farms and butcher shops, and they may have different preferred/extended rate areas.

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When will my meats ship?

ChopLocal farmers and butchers ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday unless otherwise noted. This is to avoid weekend delays and ensure that you receive your order in good condition.

Can I order meat as a gift?

Yes! Enter the recipient's address in "Shipping Address" and we'll send meat right to their door!

How is my order kept cold?

Each of ChopLocal's farmers and butchers ship directly from their farm or butcher shop, using insulated shipping containers and coolant to ensure your meat arrives in good condition.

Different sellers use different insulation and cooling products, so if you have questions about the specific products used, please contact the seller directly.

What should I do if there's an issue?

If you do not receive your order in a timely manner or the meat has thawed, please contact within 24 hours of delivery. Check out our refund policy for more information.

If you're looking for high-quality meat directly from farmers and butcher shops, you're in the right place.

ChopLocal is an online farmer's market just for meat. Farms and butcher shops set up their virtual tents and tables (we call it a microstore) and you can browse, ask questions, and purchase directly from them!

Want to find out more information about this particular cut of meat?

Head up to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click "Ask a question." You'll be able to send a message directly to the farmer who raised it or butcher who cut it.

Want to know more about the farm or butcher shop listing this product for sale?

Click on the vendor name in the same area - you'll see information about their farm/shop and all of the products they have for sale.