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Thick-Cut Iowa Pork Chops

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Thick-Cut Iowa Pork Chops

The thick-cut Iowa Pork Chop is the pride of the Iowa countryside. The Pork Chop commands the center of the grill. This thick-juicy cut is sure to delight! 2 chops Per Pack 2.0 - 3.0 Lbs.


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Yoder Family Farms Duroc Pork - Lone Tree, Iowa

Yoder Family Farms Duroc Pork produced its first pigs in 2018, but the vision for our farm began much earlier than that. When my dad retired from his farrow-to-finish operation in 2008 after 35 years in the business I was determined to raise pigs again. From that point forward the planning began and the foundation of the plan was to raise a pig that we would be proud to directly market to our family, friends, and neighbors. We want to deliver the highest quality pork to the consumer. To do that we chose the Duroc breed for our farm. Having Duroc pigs allows us to not only produce pigs outside in the ever changing Iowa environments, but also the potential to produce high quality pork through genetic progress. Every animal we raise is the result of careful consideration and decisions with the sole goal of producing tender and tasty pork.

We are proud to share the results of that plan with everyone. Our farm is not only about raising pigs, but producing the highest quality pork that everyone can enjoy. We hope that you enjoy the pork that we raised as we work on building a farm that will supply pork in Eastern Iowa for generations to come.

Thank you,

Chad, Tiffany, Luke, Owen, & Adam

Vendor Reviews

Ordered 1/2 a hog from Yoder's in June and have loved every cut! Very tender, juicy pork.

Very friendly and helpful producer who will help to make your purchase successful. Great tasting pork!

We are proud to introduce Yoder Family Farms as a new vendor on our platform!

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