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July 14, 2021
Contact: Katie Olthoff
ChopLocal Celebrates 20 Farmers and Butchers

WAYLAND, IA - ChopLocal, a farmer-owned online marketplace, reached a milestone in July. The Iowa-based platform is now home to 20 farmers and butcher shops who sell their meat directly to consumers.

“When we started ChopLocal in 2020, our goal was to help smaller suppliers compete against larger online retailers and meat packers,” says Jared Achen, Iowa farmer and founder of the company. “Our current meat supply chain in the United States is efficient, but it is not resilient, and it does not put enough of the profits into the hands of the hard-working farmers who raise the meat.”

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), for every dollar spent on food in the United States, farmers receive 14.3 cents, down from 17.6 cents 10 years ago.

At same time, consumer trends have shown a proven desire for more transparency in food production and an increase in online food purchasing.

“The farmers and butcher shops we work with provide customers with exactly what they’re looking for,” says Katie Olthoff, ChopLocal’s co-founder. “ChopLocal is home to the highest quality meats and customers can find out exactly who they’re purchasing from.”

The ChopLocal farmers and butchers are all located in the Midwest, with 18 in Iowa, 1 in South Dakota and 1 in Kansas. They offer a wide variety of proteins from beef and pork to lamb and rabbit. Most vendors offer local pick-up and nationwide shipping.

To see a full list of ChopLocal’s farmers and butchers, visit



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