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10 Amazing Appetizers (with BACON!)


When we started looking for recipes to share, there were literally thousands of appetizers that contain bacon to choose from. We found anything and everything wrapped up in bacon, hundreds of variations on cheeseballs with bacon, and even sweeter dessert-style appetizers featuring bacon!

Now, Bierman Bacon is so good, you certainly don’t need a recipe to make it better. But if you are serving appetizers, Bierman Bacon will elevate them with layers of flavor!

Below you’ll find 10 delicious appetizers featuring bacon, perfect for game day, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, baby showers, or even a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve.

But first - a little more about Bierman Bacon.

All About Bierman Bacon

Bierman Bacon was founded by brothers Matt and Tim Bierman in 2019. After growing up on their family’s farm, both boys went to college. Tim returned home to the farm after their father’s heart attack in 1985.

Tim continues the family tradition, raising pigs and farming the same land his father did in northwest Iowa. Although he sells most of his pigs to a larger processor, he always had some harvested by a small locker, which led to the great bacon for sale today.

For years, Tim shared bacon and other pork products from his pigs with friends and family, always receiving rave reviews. In late 2018, Tim and Matt started perfecting their bacon recipes and Bierman Bacon as we know it was launched in late 2019.

The Biermans are currently developing more pork products, which we will bring to you via ChopLocal in the new year!

How to cook your Bierman Bacon

We’ve tested this bacon several ways (I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and have had a lot of luck baking it.

There are several ways to do this, but our test kitchens suggest preheating the oven first and placing the bacon on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper or tin foil.

The Prime Rib and Apple Cinnamon bacons have great flavor, but they also burn more easily than the other varieties. Bake these on low (250 degree heat) for the best results.

Appetizer Recipes with Bacon

Sausage Roll Recipe with Cheese and Bacon
Marcellina in Cucina
Recommended Bacons: Original, Cracked Pepper, Cajun, Jalapeno, Prime Rib
This recipe, from Australian blogger Marcellina in Cucina, combines cheese, ground beef and bacon in a puff pastry. Although she calls it a sausage roll, there’s really no sausage in it. Still, it looks delicious!

Cake Pop Maker Maple Bacon Cake Balls
In the Kitch - Joss
Recommended Bacons: Apple Cinnamon, Prime Rib or Original
Are cake balls an appetizer? Who cares! These are delicious sweet and savory treats. 

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots
Tasty Oven - Kristina
Recommended Bacons: Original, Jalapeno, Cracked Pepper, Cajun
We love that Kristina started out with a more complicated recipe and made it simpler! And who doesn’t love cheese, potatoes and bacon. A classic combo!

Keto Bacon Jalapeno Poppers
The Inspiration Edit - Angela
Recommended Bacons: Jalapeno, Cracked Pepper, Cajun, Original
We found plenty of recipes for jalapeno poppers on the interwebs, but like this one for its simplicity. You could obviously use the Jalapeno bacon, but the Cajun, Cracked Pepper and Original flavors would be great, too!

Bacon-Wrapped Crackers Topped with Brown Sugar
A Bride on a Budget - Lisa
Recommended Bacons: Apple Cinnamon, Jalapeno, Prime Rib
Another sweet and savory option for you all! These bacon-wrapped crackers are simple and delectable!

Bacon and Onion Dip
Homebody Eats - Jessica
Recommended Bacons: Jalapeno, Cracked Pepper, Cajun, Original, Prime Rib
Obviously, dips benefit from the flavor of bacon. This one would be great with any of the savory bacons offered by Bierman Bacon!

Apple Bacon Jam
Corn Beans Pigs Kids - Val
Recommended Bacons: Jalapeno, Apple Cinnamon
If jam is your jam, give this one a try! The original recipe calls for a little hot sauce, so while Apple Cinnamon bacon sounds obvious, the Jalapeno would be delicious, too!

Spicy Jalapeno Popper Cheese Dip
Simplify Live Love - Michelle
Recommended Bacons: Jalapeno, Original, Cajun
Yes, it’s another dip. But seriously, you can’t go wrong with dip!

Warm Ranch Crack Dip Recipe with Bacon and Cream Cheese
Wholesome Yum - Maya
Recommended Bacons: Jalapeno, Prime Rib, Cajun, Cracked Pepper, Original
We’ve never tried crack before, so can’t really compare. But this dip does look addicting!

Mini Cheese Ball Appetizers
Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats
Recommended Bacons: Prime Rib, Original
This is such a fun way to do the traditional cheeseball. Ally suggests trying it with the Prime Rib flavored bacon!

Thank you to all of the food bloggers who shared their recipes with us! Interested in more recipes using products available through ChopLocal? Click here.


P.S. For another unique twist on classic bacon, try beef bacon!


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