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Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef Near You


There are many reasons you might be looking for grass fed, grass finished beef near you.

But did you know that much of the grass fed beef sold in the United States comes from other countries, including Australia? (In fact, some of the largest online retailers of grassfed beef admit that their beef comes from overseas.)

At ChopLocal, we believe that purchasing grassfed, grass finished local beef from American farmers is a win-win. You can get exactly the meat that is right for your family and you are supporting our country's hard-working farm families.

So here are some of our favorite grassfed beef farms from across the country.

(Don't see one close to you? These farms can ship grassfed, grass finished beef directly to your door!)

Grass Fed Beef Near You

Studnicka Cattle Co - Muscoda, Wisconsin

Located in the rolling hills of the driftless region of Wisconsin (near Iowa and Illinois, including Chicago!), Studnicka Cattle Co raises high-quality Angus beef that is grassfed and grass finished. The farm also raises horses, and we love seeing pictures of their foals (baby horses) in the spring. Studnicka Cattle Co is owned and managed by Ryan Studnicka and his wife and two young daughters.

Ebersole Cattle Company - Kellerton, Iowa

A long time vendor at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market, the Ebersole family is well-known in Iowa for grassfed, grass finished beef. The Ebersole online store features a variety of products like flavored beef sticks.

Kinfork - Madisonburg, Pensylvania

Kinfork is a central Pennsylvania family farm cooperative offering grassfed, grass-finished beef OR grain-finished beef. Their bundle boxes, featuring a variety of your favorite cuts of beef, are a customer favorite!

Ben Wever Farm - Willsboro, New York

Known as the heart and harvest of the Adirondacks, Ben Wever Farm is an inter-generational farm devoted to working with the geography of the region to improve soil health and raise high-quality meat. In addition to grassfed beef, Ben Wever Farm also raises pork, lamb and poultry.

Three Lakes Ranch - Knoxville, Georgia

Todd from Three Lakes Ranch is a real cowboy, and his certified organic grass-fed beef (processed on the farm under USDA inspection) is a great choice for beef near you if you live in the southeastern states!

Chambers Creek Ranch - Waxahachie, Texas

Not only is the beef from this Texas ranch grassfed, but there are also some really unique options, like the "Primal Blend" and "Predator Blend" ground beef options, which include ingredients like beef heart and liver!


Ready to purchase some grass fed beef from a farm near you?

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