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How to find meat from a farm near you!


There are many reasons people want to buy meat directly from farms near them, but it's not always easy to find those farms!

Here are three ideas to help you find a meat farm near you:

1. Visit a local farmers market!

Farmers markets aren't just for fruits and veggies! Many farmers markets feature meat farms as well as produce farms.

You're likely to find high quality beef, pork and poultry at your local farmers markets.If you do end up going to a farmers market to find a meat farm near you, you might consider bringing an insulated bag or cooler to bring home your meat, since it will probably be frozen.

2. Look on social media!

Meat farms near you rely on word of mouth advertising, so go ahead and ask your friends on social media if there is a farm they recommend! If your friends don't have a suggestion, you could also try a facebook group. Many states have groups devoted to connecting farms with interested customers. For example, there is an Iowa group called Iowa Shops Iowa Farms and a Missouri group called Shop Missouri Farms.

3. Check out ChopLocal!

ChopLocal has a directory of amazing farms selling farm to table meat. Check out all of the meat farms here!

Then, you can simply order online and pick-up at a local meat farm.

No meat farms near you? No problem! You can still order directly from the farmers and small butcher shops, and have your order shipped to your door!

And when you do, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase supports family farms and small businesses.


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