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Mouthwatering Weekly Meal Plan


There are hazards to running an online meat marketplace and the main one is that staring at photos of meat all day makes you really hungry.

Tawnya's weekly meal plans do the same thing.

I read through them each week before posting, and by the end, my mouth is watering and I feel pretty sure that I'm going to starve to death if I don't start cooking immediately.

Take this week's recipes, for example. Chicken alfredo sounds perfect today... the temps have dropped again (fickle Iowa spring weather) and cheesy pasta would be a great supper tonight.

But what about the stuffed mushroom burgers? I just so happen to have some mushrooms that need to be eaten! And of course, I could use my favorite Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze white cheddar in that recipe.

Then there are ribs. I used to be afraid of cooking ribs. But the truth is, it's really easy! Smoke them, bake them, or crock-pot them... as long as you cook them low and slow, you won't be disappointed.

But then Tawnya threw in the crispy breakfast flautas, and I happen to have a pound of breakfast sausage (and a pound of chorizo, too) thawed in my fridge from one of our ChopLocal vendors. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I'll just go the easy route and heat up some WG Meatbox pork carnitas to make nachos. Can't go wrong there, either!

Which one are you going to cook first?


Here's the shopping list... keep scrolling for the recipes, all from Tawnya's personal recipe box!

weekly meal plan local meats

Chicken Alfredo

  1. Pound out your chicken breast to an even thickness and dry it off with paper towels. Season with lemon pepper,onion salt, garlic, and Italian seasonings.  Cook in a large skillet with olive oil. 
  2. As the chicken is cooking, start boiling your water and cooking your noodles as directed. Once done, drain and set aside with a little salt sprinkled on them.
  3. Begin making your alfredo: start by getting out a large skillet. Melt the butter. Add in your garlic. 
  4. Begin to pour in your cream. Stir constantly and let it simmer.
  5. Add in your parmesan cheese and salt and pepper. Stir until thickened to your perfect consistency. 
  6. Add noodles to the sauce and mix together. 
  7. Cut your chicken breast into strips and place on top of your fettuccine alfredo noodles. Serve and enjoy!


Stuffed Mushroom Burgers

  1. Thaw your hamburger completely. Begin by adding your seasonings to the meat: lemon pepper, garlic, onion salt, pepper. 
  2. Form your meat into thin patties.
  3. You will then add your sliced mushrooms and cheese on top of one patty. 
  4. Take another patty and place on top of that filled patty. Pinch the sides to form one big patty. Continue on till you have completed all your patties. 
  5. Grill and enjoy! 

Tip: We sometimes even add cheese on top! Another fun tip is to butter your bun and set on the grill as well! Makes for the perfect sandwich! 


BBQ Pork Ribs

  1. Begin by pulling the strap off your ribs. (This is the white membrane on your ribs - if you leave it on, your ribs will be less-flavorful and less tender.)
  2. Message olive oil lightly on the ribs. 
  3. Place dry rub seasonings onto the ribs.
  4. Wrap in tin foil and begin to smoke or grill. 
    1. You can of course place in a crockpot with some Dr. Pepper to add some flavor, too.
  5. Once fully cooked let the ribs sit to cool a smidge. Brush on your favorite BBQ Sauce and enjoy!


Crispy Breakfast Flautas 

  1. Preheat oven to 425*F
  2. Begin by cooking your breakfast sausage in a large skillet, drain and set aside.
  3. Make scrambled eggs with the eggs, milk, salt and pepper. For the best results, cook it in the same pan as the sausage. 
  4. Add your cooked sausage into your eggs when done. Mix together completely. 
  5. Warm your tortillas in the microwave or skillet to make them more flexible.
  6. Add the egg and sausage mixture with sprinkled cheese into each wrap. Roll the wrap and place on a cookie sheet. Line the pan with parchment paper. 
  7. Once all the wraps are on the cookie sheet, brush olive oil onto each wrap. Bake for 8-10 mins.
  8. Flip wraps over and re-oil them. Continue to bake for another 5-8 minutes. 
  9. Service and enjoy with salsa and guacamole.


Loaded Nachos

  1. Cook JJ’s Pork Carnitas as directed on the Ready-to-Heat-and-Serve bag.
  2. Line a cookie sheet with chips. 
  3. Layer on the nacho cheese, cooked shredded carnitas, and shredded cheese. Bake till warm and melted. 
  4. Top with all your favorite nacho toppings-lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and salsa. 
  5. Serve and enjoy! 


If you try these recipes, be sure to let us know what you think! And shop all of our local meats at


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