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Should you buy meat online?


Is buying meat online a bad idea? Well, to be honest, it can be quite the disappointment. Since the pandemic began, over 50% of meat-eaters have purchased meat online, which includes online grocery ordering for pick-up or delivery. And it hasn’t always left them satisfied. But at ChopLocal, we’ve done everything possible to make sure you have the best experience possible every time you order from our partners.

Can you get high-quality meat online?

The ChopLocal co-founders, Jared and Katie (that’s me!) have sampled meats from all of our vendors, and we agree - it. is. amazing. We’ve also sampled meat from other online retailers (including the big ones) and were incredibly disappointed, especially when you consider the price.

When we began building our ChopLocal marketplace, we knew that we wanted to provide really incredible meat to customers. And our partners have made that happen. Each vendor is a farmer or small-business, and unlike the big guys, they can’t afford to leave a customer disappointed. They are fully invested - financially and emotionally - in providing the highest quality meat possible. Their livelihoods depend on it.

There is nothing wrong with meat that comes from a major packer or a major retailer, but there is something special about meat that comes directly from a farm or small business, like a locker or butcher shop. You can practically taste the care and attention that went into raising, harvesting and cutting the meat that comes from the ChopLocal vendors.

...But I like to choose my meat myself!

Have you ever ordered produce from a grocery store or major retailer and then been disappointed when your personal shopper haphazardly chooses bruised apples? Many shoppers prefer to choose their fruits and veggies themselves, to ensure the highest-quality available.

The same can be true for meat. Some meat-eaters will never be satisfied unless they can see several choices laid out in front of them, and choose for themselves what they perceive to be the best cut of steak or pork available.

Here at ChopLocal, you can’t self-select your own meat. But you can rest-assured that the person who is choosing your meat for you knows what they’re doing. Our orders are personally fulfilled by farmers and butchers - people who know meat better than anyone else. And because those farmers and butchers have a vested interest in your satisfaction, you can expect the best with every single order.

How do I know my meat will arrive cold?

Shipping meat is not easy. But we have several safeguards in place to make sure your meat arrives in perfect condition.

Our partners only ship to areas they can reach in 2 days. If they can’t reach you in 2 days via ground shipping methods, they’ll ship express. Our rates areas are set up to reflect this. Luckily, most of our vendors are in the midwest, and can reach the east coast easily in 2 days. Unfortunately, it’s harder to get our products over the Rocky Mountains to the west coast in that timeframe. As we add vendors from across the country, there will be more options for customers in other regions.

We use coolants such as ice packs, ice blankets and dry ice to keep the meat cold. And everything is shipped frozen in insulated boxes. Products are only shipped at the beginning of the week (check each vendor’s shipping details) to ensure that your order doesn’t get stuck in a warehouse somewhere over the weekend.

We keep you up-to-date on your delivery with email notifications, so you know when your meat arrives on your doorstep.

And on the off chance that your order does not arrive in good condition, just let us know within 24 hours of delivery. Send photos of the spoiled meat and we’ll be happy to refund you.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Because each of our partners fulfill the orders themselves, we can’t group products from more than one vendor in your shipment. And there are costs associated with ensuring that your order arrives safely.

So here’s what we recommend:

  • Place a larger order from a single vendor, instead of smaller orders from multiple vendors.
  • Buddy up with a friend or neighbor to share on shipping costs. Want to try out a vendor, but not sure you’re ready for a big purchase? See if someone you know wants to order with you.
  • Plan out your meat needs for a couple of weeks and order all at once.
  • Pick-up locally. Find a vendor near you that offers local pick-up.
  • Check out our sample boxes (coming soon!)

Is buying meat online from ChopLocal right for you?

If you value...

  • High-quality meat
  • Knowing where your food comes from
  • Supporting farmers and small businesses
  • The convenience of delivery or pick-up

… then yes, ordering from ChopLocal is a great idea for you.

Our mission is to provide you with quality, trust and convenience in your meat purchases, and every time you buy, you’re putting money directly in the hands of farmers and small businesses, like lockers and butcher shops.

Want to give it a try? Check out all of our vendors, and make their day with a purchase through ChopLocal.


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