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The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2023


The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2023 [Shopping Guide]



Looking for the perfect gift to give this holiday season? How about one of The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2023? 

Gift shopping doesn't have to be stressful or time- consuming, with the high quality products that make up The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2023, your shopping can be made easy. 

Here is a simple guide to point you in the right direction when picking out the Best Meat Gift Box of 2023 that will fit your every need. Each of The Best Gift Boxes of 2023 were created with you in mind, providing a vast variety of gift box options perfect for anyone on your shopping list. 

Not only are Meat Gift Boxes a gift that the whole family can enjoy but they are also a gift that will make you come back for more.


Beef Gift Boxes

These beef gift boxes are directly from farmers and ranchers across the United States, and can be shipped frozen to your recipient's door, anywhere in the country!

Here are a few of our recommendations:

Grass-Finished Bundle-de-Moo

The Bundle-de-Moo from Grillin' Meats is an all-beef bundle including steak, roast, stew meat, ground beef and soup bone. Great for the comfort-food lover on your list!


Nebraska Beef Gift Box

Looking for a great opportunity to fill someone’s freezer this year with quality beef from Nebraska? You have come to the right place!

The Beef Gift Box from 76 Cattle Company, located in Nebraska, comes with a little bit of everything to fill your freezer. The Nebraska Beef Gift Box is filled with beef cuts ranging from steaks and roasts to ground beef and soup bones. 

76 Cattle Company is a 5th generation family farm dedicated to providing quality meat directly to your door.

The Kinfork Box

Grassfed (grass finished) beef on someone's Christmas list? The Kinfork Gift Box serves as a great gift, and is filled with 24 lbs of quality steaks, roasts, and hamburger patties perfect for anyone on your christmas list. 

At Kinfork, cattle are grazed on pasture and then finished on grass or grain resulting in the quality meat that fills each of their Kinfork boxes. You get to choose whether you'd like grain-finished or grass-finished beef when ordering!

Ultimate Grillers Wagyu Holiday Bundle

Wagyu cattle crossed with high-quality Angus cattle result in delicious, gorgeously-marbled beef! Try out some of this Nebraska raised beef with the Ultimate Grillers Wagyu Holiday Bundle!


Speciality Meat Gift Boxes

The Breakfast Box

Stock up on all of your family's favorite breakfast meats using Kentucky Berkshire Pork! This box has a variety of ground sausage, bacon and pork chops - perfect for the official brunch chef on your list! Order The Breakfast Box from Schwartz Family Farms!


The Foodie Lamb Sampler Box

This is a curated box of Kentucky-raised lamb, perfect for lamb lovers, foodies, or special occasions.  This box includes a variety of premium cuts, as well as quick and easy classics.  Try the Foodie's Lamb Sampler Box from Schwartz Family Farms.


How to Purchase Meat Gift Boxes

Here at ChopLocal, we are here to help make gift giving easier this year, with our large variety of meat gift boxes there is certain to be something for everyone! From your best friend, family member, son or daughter away at college or anyone in between, when they receive a meat gift box delivered directly to their door it is sure to bring a smile to their face. To make things easier on the gift giver it takes just a few quick steps and your gift will be sent. 

  1. Pick out the perfect meat gift box from ChopLocal.
  2. Place your order by adding the gift boxes you choose to your cart. 
  3. Enter the recipient's name and address into the “Customer Information” and your name and address in the “Billing Information” 
  4. Once your order has been processed it will be sent directly to the recipient's door step.

Be sure to keep The Best Meat Gift Boxes of 2022 on your shopping list this year and remember that each purchase made is helping small business family farms and butcher shops across the country!


Corporate Meat Gift Box Options

In search of a new and exciting gift for your employees this year? Check out the Corporate Meat Gift Box Options from ChopLocal. 

Corporate Meat Gift Boxes will be delivered directly to your office or buildings and can serve as great breakroom snacks or used as individual employee gifts as well. 

Help spread some holiday cheer this season with a Corporate Meat Gift Box that will be sure to brighten the spirits of any office. Click here for more information.



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