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Where to find a whole hog for sale near you!

whole hog cut chart

Purchasing a whole hog is a great way to fill your freezer with high-quality pork at an affordable price!

A whole hog can yield anywhere from 140 lbs to 230 lbs of pork, including your favorite cuts like pork chops, shoulder roast, ribs and bacon.

Below are some tips on where to find a whole hog for sale near you and other frequently asked questions about buying a whole hog!


Where to find a whole hog for sale near you

When you're looking for a whole hog (or half a cow or other meat bundles) there are a few places that you can check out.

1. Facebook Groups

There are many local Facebook groups that connect farmers and consumers, and if you post that you are looking for a whole hog, you will probably have several replies from farmers in minutes.

2. Local Lockers

While your local meat locker probably can't sell you a whole hog, they probably know someone who can! Many meat lockers are happy to connect you with a local farmer selling their meat.

3. ChopLocal

Of course, ChopLocal is an option for you if you live near one of our pork farms! Even if the farm doesn't have whole hogs listed online, you can message them and ask. They'd probably be happy to sell you one!

4. Other Local Directories

Some state departments of agriculture and other farm organizations have directories online where you can find a whole hog for sale near you!


How much meat do you get with a whole hog?

The amount of meat you get with a whole hog can vary upon a lot of factors - size of the hog at harvest, breed of the hog, proportion of fat to lean meat on the hog, and the cuts you choose.

All of those factors mean that your whole hog might range from 140 to 230 pounds of meat.


What cuts of pork do you get with a whole hog?

Here's a rough breakdown of what you might expect from a whole hog, but keep in mind that these are estimates and actual amounts can vary:

  1. Pork Chops: 16-24 pounds
  2. Roasts: 40-60 pounds 
  3. Sausage: 30-40 pounds 
  4. Bacon: 20-30 pounds 
  5. Ground Pork: 40-60 pounds
  6. Ribs: 10-16 pounds 
  7. Ham: 30-40 pounds
  8. Miscellaneous (Hocks, Trotters, etc.): 10-20 pounds 
  9. Organs (optional): 4-8 pounds


How much does a whole hog cost?

When you purchase a whole hog directly from a farmer, you'll actually be responsible for two different payments.

First, you'll pay the farmer for the hog, and that amount is usually based on the hanging weight after harvest. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the pig has been slaughtered, cleaned, and dressed, but before it has undergone any further processing or trimming. In other words, it's the weight of the pig when it's hanging in the cooler, typically after the initial butchering process.

The hanging weight of a whole hog is typically 180 to 250 lbs.

(Keep in mind that the actual amount of meat you take home, referred to as the "take-home weight", will be less than the hanging weight. This is because the carcass will lose some weight during the further processing, which includes removing bones, excess fat, and any other trimmings.)

Hog prices can vary depending on a variety of factors, including breed and location. Whole hogs currently listed on ChopLocal range from $1.85/lb hanging weight to $3.25/lb.

Then, you'll pay the meat locker for cutting and processing your pork. This fee can vary, and specialty items (smoked products, flavored sausages, etc.) usually cost extra.

Processing costs can vary, but we estimate that processing will be between 50 cents and $1.50 per pound hanging weight.

Sometimes, the farmer will wrap both costs together (the animal and the processing) and you'll make one payment directly to the farmer.

Either way, you can expect your total investment for a whole hog to range from $400 on the very low end to $900+ on the high end.

Let's use an example.

Hanging weight: 200 lbs
Price/lb/hanging weight: $2.00
Hog cost: $2.00 x 200 lbs = $400
Processing cost: $200
Total cost: $600
Take home weight: 150 lbs
Cost per pound of meat: $4
That's a pretty good deal!
Have more questions about buying a whole hog? Leave them in the comments below!
And don't forget to checkout ChopLocal's pig farmers! Remember, you can send them a message to ask about buying a whole hog, even if they don't have it listed!

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