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Free shipping on orders over $49 in your region!

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Corporate Gifts

When you purchase meat gift boxes from ChopLocal, you're giving a great gift and supporting small businesses!


Looking for the perfect gift for your clients or employees?

We can help you customize the best meat gift boxes for your customers or staff.
All of our meat comes from local farmers, butcher shops and small processors. 
The meat is high quality, and your purchase supports our farming families and mainstreet businesses.


Corporate and Business Gift Delivery Options


1. Delivery to your Office

Order a meat and cheese gift box for your employees to enjoy on break, or have individual gift boxes delivered to a central location.
We can arrange for delivery to your business at no extra cost.

2. Direct ship to your Recipients

Provide a list of recipients and we'll take care of the rest.
Our gift boxes can be shipped directly to their homes or offices.

3. Gift Certificates

We can provide you with electronic or printable gift certificates.
Or provide a list of recipients and we'll email or mail the gift cards for you.

Most Popular Meat Gift Boxes


ChopLocal meat gifts can be customized for your needs. Here are a few other options we offer:

Gift Certificates

Let your employees, clients and customers choose their own meat! We can customize gift certificates with your logo and message for you to email or print. We can even mail the gift certificates for you if you'd like.

Meat and Cheese Gift Boxes

Looking for a charcuterie gift box or meat and cheese gift box? Let us design one for your needs using local snack meats and cheeses.

Steak Gift Boxes

Restaurant quality steak at home! Highly marbled, tender and delicious - these steak gift boxes are a customer favorite!

Griller's Gift Box

This meat gift box is filled with a variety of cuts for grilling, including pork chops, steak, burger patties and brats.

Best of Iowa Gift Box

Pork, beef, turkey, lamb - all of Iowa's amazing meats in one gift box, perfect for the holidays!

Bacon Lover's Gift Box

A variety of gourmet bacon products which is sure to be crowd-pleaser. Seriously, who doesn't love the gift of bacon?

Other Meat Gift Boxes

With a wide variety of farmers and meats, ChopLocal can help you customize the perfect meat gift box for your business!