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Grillin Meats

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Grillin Meats
Avon, MN
Avon, MN
Christina, the Farm-Her, Owner of Rolling Hills Cattle Company, and Grillin Meats (the meat business), single handedly raises every animal using every holistic tool at her disposal, and with as much integrity as she can find. The wealth of knowledge Christina has and shares is more than any volume in an encyclopedia. Yet when you know her, she'd modestly tell you straight up that she's more concerned about 'doing it right', vs 'doing it like the status quo'. Grassfed beef, go hand in hand with her ancient breed of ever so tasty British White cattle. Christina says, "we don't eat the hide anyway". Working toward genetics that constantly improve her breeding herd, she harvests for beef the ones that "need gone". The cattle are the main focus, while Christina produces other prime breeds known for the exceptional flavor, and meat quality to complement the beef. Christina invites you to give British White beef a taste. It's authentic beef flavor. A hint of sweet, a hint of buttery, and always clean and nutrient dense. Her farm is corn and soy free as well. Christina understands food allergies and intolerances, and will help you achieve your best health. Enjoy!

hands down some of the best cuts of meat I've ever bought, and Christina is super helpful and responsive to inquires.

These guys totally rocked! When my husband and son relocated from Virginia they were missing country ham. Minnesota does not have country ham in abundance lol. These guys rose to the challenge and created an awesome ham. We do appreciate it!!

Very grateful to have found Grillin' Meats at the Minneapolis farmers market.
All around an amazing experience! From hearing about the care going into these animals to the sound advice on how to prepare them.
If you are in search of the highest quality meats and fats, this is the place to go.
I recommend the veal ribeyes! it will change you.

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