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Mangalitsa Estates

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Mangalitsa Estates
Clearfield, IA
Clearfield, IA

Why Mangalitsa Estates? 

Natural Gourmet Flavor – our pork is raised without added hormones or antibiotics. The flavor of our pork comes from the heirloom breed we raise on our family farm. Our Mangalitsa Pork is raised for its deeper red coloring as well as its marbling – making it some of the most tender pork full of flavor and moisture.

Highly recommend!! Such a wide array of products. I have personally tried several of the cuts and the quality is excellent!! Will definitely order more!

Excellent service, getting ready to purchase again. Thank you Steve!!

Customer service is top shelf! This was our first experience with Mangalista Estates. Our order was late arriving due to an issue with the carrier, and the meat was no longer good. We contacted them about the situation and there was no hesitation on setting up a replacement order.
Unfortunately we had to wait an additional week on the replacement order, but it was well worth it!

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